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Vol. 7 | May 2020
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Key Updates
Digital Camera World reviews
Stellar Photo Recovery
12th May 2020:
Digital Camera World, a platform popular for its excellent camera reviews, photography tips & techniques, reviewed our flagship software Stellar Photo Recovery on 12th May 2020. Stellar Photo Recovery software received praise in terms of its “incredible ability to resurrect deleted images or digital media wiped during a card reformat.” In its detailed review of software, Digital Camera World, which is also the home of the esteemed magazines like N-Photo: The Nikon Magazine and Photography Week, established that “Stellar Photo Recovery has the potential to rescue you from most data loss scenarios, and with incredible ease.” The forum gave a 5-star rating to Stellar Photo Recovery for its super quick & easy recovery capability - “simply choose the memory card / USB drive / hard drive from which you want to recover images, then hit the scan button and the software does its thing”. Stellar Photo Recovery is available for both Mac & Windows and can recover photos & videos of almost all formats.
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Stellar webinar on Most Common Data Loss Situations and Data Privacy Concerns
Gurugram, 06th May, 2020: Stellar in collaboration with Indian Academy of Photography conducted a webinar for professional photographers. Here, Mr Sunil Chandna, CEO, Stellar enlightened the audience with the “Most Common Data Loss Situations and Data Privacy Concerns”. In his one hour session Mr. Chandna spoke about the common data loss situations, how to recover lost photos & videos, how to take a backup of photos & videos in a secure way, data privacy and security, and much more.
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Stellar launches V3.0 of its world class Data Erasure software “BitRaser for File”
Gurugram, 19th May, 2020: Stellar launches version 3.0 of “BitRaser for File” its certified , privacy safeguarding software that permanently erases files, folders, partitions, Internet history etc. stored on laptop, desktop, server beyond the scope of data recovery. The software performs high speed simultaneous erasure of multiple files in the most efficient way. It meets daily data sanitization requirements of organizations and individuals by erasing data securely. The software allows you to schedule erasure process & maintain detailed log reports of all files deleted for meeting statutory & regulatory compliance needs for data security & privacy.
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