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Vol. 1 | September 2019
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Key Updates
FICCI Homeland Security 2019 Summit
New Delhi, August 23 2019
Mr. Sunil Chandna, CEO & Director IB, Stellar talks about Next Generation Cyber Technologies for Homeland Security.
Mr. Chandna enlightened the audience with threats and possibilities leading to data breach. During his session he spoke about unsafe ways of destruction of old IT assets that may lead to data breach and the best practices for media sanitization. In addition to this, Mr. Chandna also shared the study report & findings on “RESIDUAL DATA STUDY ON SECOND HAND DRIVES”, the world's largest known study of used devices
Mr. Manoj Dhingra, Co-founder & Director DB, Stellar participates in close door discussion on Cyber Security 2020
Mr. Dhingra participated as one of the esteemed panelists in the closed door discussion on Cyber Security 2020. The objective of this discussion was to review the National Cyber Security Policy 2013 and also to make recommendations to Govt. of India on National Cyber Security Strategy 2020.
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Stellar® Solutions Showcased at Various Events
Affiliate Summit East 2019
Stellar Data Recovery recently participated in the performance marketing industry's premier global event, Affiliate Summit East at New York, USA from 11th to 13th August 2019. The event was attended by more than 6,000 Affiliates from all around the world. Here Stellar showcased its business and consumer software under the data recovery, data migration and data erasure categories.
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Image Today Exhibition 2019
Stellar recently participated in the Image Today Exhibition 2019, which took place on the 19th, 20th & 21st July 2019 at Chennai Trade Centre. Image Today Exhibition is one of the imaging industry's most prominent, successful and sought after Trade shows in India, and is attended by thousands of professionals from the photo and video industry.
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