Advanced Data Recovery Services Available in India

What is there in the RAID, that makes it an advanced means of storing data? Many RAID users do not know much about RAID and aggravate the problem, in case of RAID failures. Hence, in any instance of RAID failure, it is suggested to take the help of professional RAID recovery service providers to restore your precious data safely.

A RAID system is built with several low cost hard drives taken together as a single system. Data is distributed across different drives in a particular pattern. Moreover, each RAID system follows a specific fault tolerant mechanism by storing a copy of the data in another drive. It also stores a secure parity bit, that indicates the storage location of various data strips in the RAID array. This entire process is managed by an unique controller algorithm.

The RAID systems are categorized into various levels. Some RAID levels, such as RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 2, RAID 3, RAID 4, RAID 5 etc. are considered as simple, where as RAID 6, RAID ADG, RAID 5EE etc. are known as the complex ones. This categorization is based upon the data storage pattern and the fault tolerant mechanism of the RAID. Some RAID systems are even more complex, as they are configured by integrating multiple RAID levels.

From all the above facts, you can well understand the complexity of RAID systems and a small mistake in handling the same can lead to a much critical situation of data loss.

If we list the situations of RAID failure, the number will be in three digits. Below are some of the most commonly encountered ones:

  • The controller has been corrupted
  • The data strip of the RAID has been damaged
  • Failure of the RAID array
  • Failed to perform the rebuilding operation
  • The RAID configuration either has been damaged or overwritten
  • The server system has failed to boot
  • Corruption of the operating system
  • Simultaneous failure of multiple hard drives attached in the RAID array

In any of the above situations, the data in the RAID drives get lost or inaccessible. But, there are advanced RAID recovery techniques that can help you retrieve the data back. In the mean time, you need to restrain yourself from unnecessary experimentation on the troubled drives and opt for expert assistance as soon as possible.

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