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The Stellar Partner Program aims at building a network of Partners to work together as a team and to reach the next level of success in the field of Data Recovery, Data Safety, and Data Security.

We look for referral partners, who are looking to enhance portfolio of their services, and to make additional money by adding Data Recovery Services & Solutions as a part of their offering.

Referral Lead Partner Benefits

RLP involves passing valid leads to Stellar Data Recovery. There is absolutely no commitment that you need to declare to become a Referral Lead Partner with Stellar.

Requirements to become a RLP:

  • Valid PAN card number
  • Active bank account number
  • Service tax number
  • Cancelled Cheque
Stellar Data Recovery Partner

Referral Lead Partner Commercials

Stellar will pay you for your additional efforts, which you have put in to refer us in your network. Irrespective of whether data recovery is possible or not, we pay to our RLP.

Benefits of becoming a RLP:

  • No Registration Fee, No business commitment required
  • Your referred customer will get 50% discount on media analysis fee
  • Payment can be done via online or via visiting nearest Stellar branch
  • For every Successful media submission, you will be paid Rs 300/lead

How this program works?

  • When you become a RLP, you get your login details to login to account
  • You can submit details of your lead from your account.
  • Your lead will receive a SMS & email, with discount code
  • Your lead submit media to Stellar, with code.
  • Once we receive the media, you get a notification of successful referral
  • You get paid for every successful referral. Rs 300/lead
  • Payment cycle, once in a Month (every 10th of month)
Recovery Partner Process
Stellar Data Recovery Partner

What tools do I get as a RLP?

  • Stellar Tracking Dashboard
  • Online account allows you to track all your leads & commission earned details
  • Stellar Branded Media kit
  • Easy to put banners for your shop, about Data Recovery Service - Co branded with Stellar
  • Promotion of your outlet from Stellar Website
  • We'll put your shop details on our website, which will give you more visibility

Stellar Co- branded Goodies

Stellar Data Recovery Partner Goodies

Have Questions?

Our Dedicated affiliate manager is there to help you.

Stellar Partner

Hello Partners, I am here to serve you. I can help you in setting up your accounts, guide you how to use this opportunity to make money with Stellar, answering questions about your commissions, payments.

I can answer all your questions, feel free to give me a call at +91 858 790 0887, or just write an email to me