Ankara’s Biometric Flash Drive Defines a New Standard for Data Security

Ankaka, China electronics wholesaler, has rolled out Cool USB Flash Drive Biometric USB Flash Drive U Key that has a U Disk memory of 8 GB and the ability to secure your data using Biometrics. The small form factor and elegant design of this portable USB flash drive. This drive perfectly fits in the palm of your hand and let you carry your music, videos, and other data everywhere you go.

The secure fingerprint lock is one of the major attractions of the Cool USB Flash Drive. It is equipped to store ten additional fingerprints to ensure multiple users can take advantage of this excellent security. The USB drive scans your fingerprint to allow accessing or creating files.

Cool USB Flash Drive will run smoothly on Windows 7, XP, and Vista. Ankaka 8 GB biometric flash drive provides a high image resolution of 508 dots per inch, which is an impressive figure for making your images reasonably clear on any modern device. The drive features USB 2.0 interface and a data transfer rate of 6800 kb/s.

The drive comes with a USB cable to allow for easy download of data to a laptop or tablet. The fingerprint lock can be deemed as the next step towards ensuring authorized data access on USB flash storage devices. It is easy for a hacker to crack your password, but duplicating your fingerprint would seem impractical.

The Cool USB Flash Drive Biometric USB Flash Drive U Key is available from resellers and drop shippers. You can also order unique USB flash drive by browsing the online Ankara wholesale store.

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