The New High-Storage 5-Dimensional Glass Memory Crystal Will Last for a Generation

A new 5-dimensional computer memory chip is the latest invention of scientists at Britain that carries a few interesting statistics and uses. The glass memory device is deemed to store information for millions of years to pass it on to the next generations. The scientists claim that this device will be there till the end of a civilization.

The crystal will provide you the storage equivalent to that of half a million conventional CDs. It can house 360 terabytes of data on a single disc. The new memory device will pack your data in five dimensions, i.e. the three dimensions of space and the two additional dimensions of the crystal lattice.

The glass memory device is analogous to the the Superman memory crystal that was featured in the movies of this comic-book hero and used for storing the parents’ archives of data. There is a constant need to back up mission-critical information for organizations due to the average lifespan of hard drives. The new safe and stable form of portable memory using glass will eliminate this requirement and help organizations secure their key business data for generations.

The new 5-dimensional glass memory device is an asset for the museums and national archives that have big archives and  need to preserve information for many generations. The magic behind this device is the fused quartz made from pure silica and the data is written by etching the surface with ultra-high-speed laser light.

The internal structure consists of three rows of tracks where the data is stored. The bits of data reside in two forms and can take up to 256 variable states making it five-dimensional. The crystal has a high thermal stability and can stand temperatures of up to 1,000C.

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