Top Rated Software to Erase Internet Browser History

Summary: Do you want to permanently erase Internet browser history? Are you looking for a file erasure software to protect your browsing information from the risks of data theft? This blog introduces you to the best rated software in the market that can permanently erase your Internet browsing history. At the top of the list is BitRaser File Eraser, a trusted & powerful file eraser software, designed to permanently erase browsing history and protect your sensitive data.

When you browse the internet on various web browsers, the details of your online activities gets collected on your browser. These details include addresses of the websites you have visited, credit/debit card details, ad preferences, social media account details, banking login credentials, autocomplete form entries, etc. This browsing information is sensitive and having them stored on your system can expose you to serious risks such as identity theft, fraud, etc.

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This is the reason, it is essential that you regularly clean your browsing data.

How to Erase Internet Browser  History?

There are two ways to erase your browsing data.

  1. A straightforward way to erase browsing data is by using the browser settings to delete the browsing history. However, this method doesn’t delete the data permanently as your browser information can still be retrieved by using a data recovery software.
  2. The effective way to erase your browsing data is by using a file erasure software. The file erasure software are specifically designed to permanently erase the browsing history and other data, beyond the scope of recovery.

Why a File Erasure Software?

You must be wondering that when the browsing history can be deleted via web browser, then why you would need a file erasure software. A file erasure software is the fail-safe way to permanently erase any type of data (including browsing data) from your PC or Mac. A file erasure software uses advanced algorithms to overwrite the data, once or multiple times. This overwriting makes the data unrecoverable and prevents a data recovery software from retrieving the information.

To ensure that all the browsing data is permanently deleted from the browser, you need a safe and powerful file erasure software. There are many file erasure software available in the market. To simplify your search, we mention some top rated software to erase internet browser history.

Best Internet Browser History Erasure Software

1) BitRaser File Eraser

BitRaser File Eraser is a safe and powerful file erasure software, designed to permanently erase Internet browsing history, files, folders, application traces, unused space etc. from the system. It also allows you to schedule the erasure process so that you don’t have to manually perform it every time.

BitRaser File Eraser also generates a tamper-proof and digitally signed certificate of erasure. This assures you that the job is efficiently done and helps you meet data protection compliance.

BitRaser File Eraser supports 17 global data erasure standards and is compliant with major data protection regulations such as SOX, GLBA, HIPAA, ISO 27001, EU-GDPR, PCI-DSS, etc.

BitRaser File Eraser is available for both Windows and Mac.

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BitRaser Software Interface

Image 1: BitRaser File Eraser

2) Eraser

Eraser is an efficient data erasure software, capable of permanently wiping data (including browsing data) from your PC. The software also allows you to schedule your erasure activities.

Eraser also supports several data erasure algorithms, including the 35 passes Gutmann method which overwrites the data 35 times. This process permanently erases any type of data, although it can make the process slow.

File Eraser

Image 2: Eraser software interface

3) Blancco File Eraser

Blancco File Eraser erases files, folders, unused space, browsing data etc. from your system. The software also allows you to generate a certificate of erasure, assuring you that the erasure process is successfully done.

To facilitate erasure process, Blancco File Eraser comes with an easy drag and drop feature. It is also compliant with all major international file erasure standards/algorithms.


Image 3: Blancco file eraser main interace

4) WipeDrive

WipeDrive is a bootable file erasure tool which permanently erases any type of file (including browsing data) from your computer. Before using WipeDrive, you need to burn it on an external USB or storage media and then use it on your system.

WipeDrive also gives you the option to generate a certificate of erasure. It is the only file erasure software with a NIAP’s EAL4+ certification.

Erase Internet Browser History

Image 4: WipeFile erasure software interface

5) Alternate File Shredder

Alternate File Shredder enables you to permanently erase browsing details and other type of data from your computer.

This software only supports one erasing method which is random overwriting. However, you get an option to determine the number of times this overwriting will be done.

Erase Internet Browser History

Image 5: File Erasure operation in Alternate File Shredder tool


Regularly erasing the browsing history protects your sensitive data from unwanted breaches. You can use a file erasure tool to permanently erase your browsing history data and protects it from any unwanted harm. This post sheds light on the importance of data erasure. Also, it discusses the top ranked software used to erase Internet browsing history. This would help you in choosing the best file erasure software as per your needs.


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