Always Opt for a Known and Experienced Data Recovery Service Provider to Recover Your Precious Data from the Damaged Media Safely

Loss of valuable data has always been the biggest problem for almost all computer users. Apart from logical categories of data loss (accidental data deletion, formatting of drive, operating system corruption, file system damage etc.), there are occasions, when your data gets inaccessible due to any physical damage to the storage media. In case of logical data loss, the lost data can be recovered using any data recovery software, whereas in case of physical failure of the media, you need to take the help of any data recovery services expert.

The data storage media is built up of some physical components and for smooth functioning of the media, all its internal components are needed to be in good state. If any of the components fail to work properly, the entire media fails and the data in it becomes inaccessible. There are a number of reasons behind the physical failure of the storage media, which can be categorized into mechanical, electrical and firmware failure. The cases, in which the mechanical components of the media gets damaged are listed under mechanical failure and any damage due to electrical short-circuit or similar are listed under electrical failure. Similarly, instances leading to the corruption of the firmware of the storage media are the ones, which come under firmware failure category.

Some of the prominent reasons behind the physical failure of the storage media:

  • Damage to the external media by dropping or hitting
  • Displacement of damage to any mechanical component of the media due to heavy usage
  • Electric short-circuit causing severe damage to the Printed Circuit Board (PCB)
  • Virus or Malware attack causing firmware corruption
  • Severe physical damage to the media by any natural disaster (Flood, Fire or Earthquake) etc.

In any of the above situations, in order to recover your data, first the storage media needs to be repaired. Repairing of a physically damaged media is not a normal task. This process requires skilled data recovery professionals, highly innovative techniques, instruments and environment. Therefore, it is always advised to opt for any professional and well known service provider to recover your precious data safely.

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