How to Fix PS4 Database Is Corrupted Error?

PS4 Database Is Corrupted Error may occur due to corruption of system files or Operating systems on PS4. This error doesn’t allow you to play games on the PlayStation.

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If a PS4 has a corrupted database, it will show an error message similar to the ones given below:

  • The database is corrupted. The PS4 will restart.
  • The database is corrupt, The PS4 will now restart.

Without delving into detail or the reasons for such an error, we’ll look for solutions to resolve the error. We’ll discuss some best methods in this post to fix the PS4 Database Is Corrupted Error.

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Methods to Fix PS4 Database Is Corrupted

Method 1: Rebuild Database

When you rebuild the database, you actually reorganize the data on the hard drive which may fix various issues on the PlayStation. Hence, rebuilding a database can help in resolving the PS4 Database Is Corrupted Error.

1. Turn OFF the PS4 console completely.
[NOTE]: Make sure that you don’t put it on “Standby” or “Rest” mode.

2. Start PS4 in Safe Mode by pressing the power button and holding it until you hear two beeps.
ps4 error

3. Connect controller to the console via USB cable.

4. Scroll-down to reach Rebuild Database option.

Rebuild data base

5. Press cross (X) button on the controller to start rebuilding the database.

[NOTE]: The rebuilding process may take time, depending upon the amount of data stored on the hard drive, and other factors.

Method 2: Reinstall the Operating System

If you’re still unable to fix corrupted database error, you need to reinstall the PS4 Operating System (OS).

[CAUTION]: Reinstalling the OS on PS4 would delete all users and their data stored on PS4 hard drive. If you don’t have a backup, use a data recovery software such as Stellar Data Recovery to recover your data before reinstalling.

[NOTE]: To recover data by using the recovery tool, considering the following:

  • You need to remove the PS4 hard drive and connect it to a system on which the data recovery software is installed.
  • Recovered data must be stored on a FAT32 or exFat formatted external drive only.
  • External drive should have enough capacity to store the recovered data.

Steps to reinstall the OS:
1. Connect a USB flash drive to a computer


  • This USB flash drive should not be the one on which you have a backup or have stored recovered data.
  • The capacity of drive should be enough to store PS4 OS file.
  • The drive should be FAT32 or exFAT formatted.

2. Open the USB drive, and create a folder with name PS4.

3. Inside PS4 folder, create another folder and name it as UPDATE.

[ATTENTION]: Use the exact nomenclature for folders as named above.

4. Browse internet to download the OS from official PlayStation website.

[NOTE]: Make sure that you download the OS file in USB drive under UPDATE folder that you’ve created. The name of downloaded file would be PS4UPDATE.PUP

5. Remove the USB drive safely from computer
6. Power ON PS4 in Safe Mode by pressing its power button and holding it until you hear two beeps
7. Connect controller to the console via USB cable
8. Connect the USB drive on which you have PUP file
9. Choose Initialize PS4 (Reinstall System Software)


You’ll see message asking your permission for installation.

10. Grant your permission by clicking OK

This would start re-installation of the OS.

After initialization (installation) process is complete, PS4 will restart automatically. The “Corrupted Database” error should be fixed.


You may encounter PS4 Database Is Corrupted Error when you power it ON. Due to this error, you’re not able to play games or perform any other task on your PlayStation.

In this blog, we have outlined two methods to fix this error—Rebuilding Database and Reinstalling the PS4 OS.  However, re-installation of operating system deletes all the users’ information and other data stored on PS4 hard drive.

Therefore, it is recommended to recover data before re-installation. The best way to recover data is by using a data recovery software.

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