How to Recover Lost NDMP Tape Data?

Network Data Management Protocol (NDMP), developed by NetApp, is an open standard protocol that is used for controlling backup & restoration of network-attached storage (NAS) data. It allows data to be transferred between storage devices and backup targets, removing compatibility problems between the backup software and the NAS servers or filers running on different platforms.

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The protocol makes it easy for data management applications to back up heterogeneous file servers. It eliminates the need of using or finding different backup software for backing up the filers running on different platforms. The NAS servers, data management application, and target backup device just need to support a single common well-defined protocol – NDMP – for backup and restore purpose. This protocol enables the creation of a common agent that is used by a centralized data management application to help heterogeneous filers communicate directly with a network-attached backup device such as a tape library. Thus, centralized software can be used to control the enterprise-wide network data management and back up the data on.

Tapes provide high storage capacity for backing up a huge amount of business data stored on storage servers. NDMP tape libraries, containing several tapes for data storage, can be connected to your network to store or backup the NAS data. You can restore the backed up data from NDMP tape libraries, as and when the need arises. But at times, you may fail to restore the enormous amount of crucial business data from the tape libraries, in case of any physical damage caused to the tape.

Reasons for Data Loss from NDMP Tape Media

Tapes are magnetic data storage devices which are composed of thin layers of magnetic coating, backing film, and back-coat. Magnetic coating is comprised of magnetic particles, lubricants, and polymer binders, and this layer is responsible for holding data. The other two layers are the supporting layers. If any of these layers of tape gets damaged, you may lose data stored on it.

A tape may get damage due to the following reasons:

  • Tape deterioration due to moisture, dust, or heat
  • Loss of tape lubricant
  • Distortion of tape
  • Entangled tape
  • Broken tape
  • Sticky tape
  • Sticky shed

If the NDMP tape is damaged, then you may lose your critical business data. If you try to restore or access the data stored on it, you may face issues such as:

  • Tape couldn’t be read
  • The occurrence of errors such as “No backup sets found”
  • Issues with the creation of the catalog
  • Data restored from tape but couldn’t be accessed because of errors
  • Tape data restored but shows garbage values

If you’re in such a situation and want to recover data from your NDMP tape media, seek the help of a tape data recovery expert such as Stellar.

Recover NDMP Tape Data by Availing Stellar Data Recovery Service

Stellar provides world-class data recovery solutions to individuals and businesses. It’s one of the oldest data recovery firms in the world and has been recovering data for more than 26 years. It has a track record of recovering data from all storage devices even in complex data loss situations. Data recovery experts at Stellar can recover data from all types of tape media including NDMP tapes. They have all the required resources and propriety tools that help them recover tape data safely.

Stellar value your precious business data and thereby ensures privacy and security of data during the entire recovery process. By availing Stellar data recovery service, you can recover up to 100% tape data, lost due to damages caused to tape, failed tape library, or for any other reason. Read tape recovery case study by stellar.


NDMP is a common protocol that handles backup and restores communications, irrespective of the platform on which the NAS server to be backed up is running. By using NDMP, you can easily automate backup and restore operations, and back up file server data on storage devices such as NDMP-enabled tape libraries.

If you use NDMP tape libraries to back up your mission-critical NAS data and have lost this backup from NDMP tapes due to failure of the tape library, damages to tapes, or any other reason, you need to contact a Professional Data Recovery Service provider like Stellar. Data Recovery experts at Stellar can recover your important business data from such tape drives with utmost privacy and safety.

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