How to Repair Corrupt Video File due to File Transfer Error?

Summary: The video files may get damaged or corrupt, while transferring between PC, SD card, USB drive, etc., due to interruption or any other cause. This blog outlines some effective methods to repair corrupted video files. It also mentions an advanced video repair software that can repair all types of video files, irrespective of the cause of corruption.

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It’s a simple task to transfer video files from phone/SD card to PC or any other device. But, sometimes, after transferring the video files, you notice that the files fail to open or become unplayable. This indicates that the files get corrupt or damaged during transfer due to interruption or any other reason. In this post, we have mentioned some effective methods to repair corrupt video files. But before that, let’s take a look at the reasons that may result in such an issue.


Why Video Files get Corrupt after Transfer?

Here are some possible causes of corruption in videos:

  • The drive or media in which the videos are transferred is corrupt or damaged
  • Sudden system shutdown while transferring the videos
  • Ejecting the memory card or USB drive before completion of the file transfer
  • Faulty USB cable
  • Transferring multiple large-sized videos simultaneously

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Methods to Repair Corrupted Video Files

Following the below-mentioned methods, you’ll be able to repair corrupt video files due to transfer errors:

Method 1: Use VLC Media Player

If the video file index gets corrupted, you can fix it with the VLC Media Player. It comes with an in-built repair feature that fixes the video file index. Proceed with the below-given steps to repair corrupt video files with the VLC Media Player:

  • Firstly, rename and change the file extension of the corrupt video file to .AVI extension and then open it in the VLC Player.
  • Then, go to Tools and choose Preferences option, followed by Input or Codecs.
  • Further, select Always Fix across Damaged or incomplete AVI Files and click on Save.
  • Lastly, try accessing the repaired video from its saved location and check if the issue persists or not.

Method 2: Repair Corrupted Video Files using Stellar Repair for Video

The best and easiest way to repair corrupt video files due to transfer error is by using advanced video repair software, such as Stellar Repair for Video. This video file repair tool can repair corrupt video files, irrespective of the cause of corruption. The software can easily fix damage in the header, slider movement, sound section, etc. It supports several video file formats, like MP4, AVI, MOV, MKV, FLV, MTS, 3GP, etc.

Follow the below-given steps to repair corrupt video files with Stellar Repair for Video:

repair mov file

  • Click on Add file and upload the corrupt video. Then, click on Repair.

repair mov files

Note: You can also add multiple videos of different formats to repair them in one go.

  • You can then preview the repaired videos and save them at your desired location.

repair mov file index

Few Measures to Avoid Video Corruption due to File Transfer

To protect your videos from corruption during transfer, make sure to follow the below-listed practices:

  • Always insert and eject the USB drive, pen drive, SD card, etc., with care.
  • Never disconnect the device while transferring videos.
  • Remove the storage media only when the file is completely transferred.
  • For sharing large-sized video files, try considering cloud-sharing platforms, like Google Drive, OneDrive, and SHAREit.
  • Always keep your device charged when transferring video files.
  • Keep the anti-virus software updated.

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Summing It Up- Repair Corrupted Video Files

If your video file gets corrupted during transfer, you can repair it using VLC Media Player. However, it can only fix file index corruption. To repair damaged, corrupted, or inaccessible videos of any size, you need to use a powerful video repair tool, like Stellar Repair for Video. The software uses advanced algorithms to repair all forms of corruption and errors in videos and makes them playable again.

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