All You Need to Know About the Latest iOS 9 Update

iOS 9 update is available for download, but before upgrading our iOS devices with it, you should be aware of its capabilities and shortcomings. This new iOS update is available for iPhone, iPad, and iPod and here is the list of all the new noteworthy features Apple has introduced in iOS 9.

iOS 9 supports the same hardware as iOS 8, Here’s the official list:


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The update version of iOS is full of tricks to make your life simpler and easy if you know where to look for.


The Spotlight has got new updates this time, now it is more compatible with this new iOS 9. This new version of the application lets you search all kinds of stuff to get instant results such as stock prices, sports scores, weather forecasts, along with the searches within your apps. Now, the search screen will be able to populate the people you tend to contact or you’re scheduled to meet, along with nearby places, local news, and suggestion for the apps based on the time of day.

New Notes App:

New App is the latest application that Apple has added to the home screen with News in the iOS 9. The app works just like Flipboard, you just need to load the app and pick some news organizations you like to get news from and you will be able to read all the articles right away. Additionally, you can also search out articles based on the topics and save them to read later. In this iOS 9 version, you can now easily turn lists into checklists, add photos to notes, and sketch out your thoughts on a notepad.

Proactive Siri:

Apple’s feature named as “proactive Siri.” is one of the big new features introduced with iOS 9. With this feature, iOS will pay attention to your habits and modifies itself according to your usage. Most of the stuff of Proactive Siri is dependent how you use your Apple device and some features are automatic suggestions for people in email messages and events in from your email, traffic-based event notifications, showing different contacts along with the apps available in Spotlight, etc.

Preserves battery by ‘Low Power Mode’:

Now, you can conserve power by enabling low power mode. This option will temporarily decrease the CPU speed, turns off Background App, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth, disables motion effects, and stops fetching mail messages to save battery life.

Improved Maps:

This time apple has introduced new Map feature that is only available in a handful of cities such as San Francisco, Washington DC, Baltimore, Chicago, New York, Philadelphia, London, Toronto, and Berlin. Rest of the user can easily explore nearby locations, and find out the routing updates with an alternative route due to traffic.


This time iOS 9 iPad lets you do multitasking, which make it a more usable device. Apple has introduced a Slide overview that works like Control Centre to find out certain apps in this new iPad  model. Additionally, now you will get a dedicated side-by-side mode where you can run two apps simultaneously.

Phone Number Lookup:

In case, you receive a call from an unknown number and you wonder to take it or avoid it thinking, it can be random marketing calls. The new iOS version offers Phone Number lookup, pulls data from your mail list or call details and suggest/ identify the person( with a “May be” )in front of callers name.

Selfies Folder:

For all selfie lovers, the latest iOS version creates a “Selfie Folder” for the pictures taken via Front- Facing camera. Making profile picture update an easy task.

Quick Math:

For simple calculations no need to look for calculator, the Smart Search Field can help you in this.  For accessing Smart Search field, swipe down from anywhere on your home screen, or swipe to the left from the home screen. This feature becomes useful when there is no network connection or SIRI is not available to do calculations.

Thin your Apps:

Applications in smartphones can take enormous storage space and this gets quite frustrating when the capacity of the device is 16 GB or less than that.  iOS 9 allows a feature called, “ App Thinning”, this  allows your device to download only the code that it needs to run, unlike the previous iOS versions.

Other updates

Apart, from the above-mentioned updates, it also provides you an improved battery that lets you play with the device for an extra hour along with a number of minor improvements that include:

Searching option in Settings: This latest update of iOS 9 lets you search for Settings toggles in the Settings app.

Go Back to an App: You can now easily go back to the original app you were using earlier by selecting the back button available in the top left corner.

Usage of Shift Key: You can now change the characters to change your typing mode using Shift key available in the keyboard.

New apps: Except News, there are two new apps introduced named as ‘Find My Friends’ and ‘Find My iPhone’.

Six Digit Pass codes: The software lets you enter six digit pass code to increase security.

Note: For those who are using older iOS devices, the latest iOS version seems to work perfectly. iOS 9 update can give your older iOS devices a  new lease of life.

There are other changes/ updates in this latest iOS 9 versions, most of them have been explained above.  In case while updating to iOS 9 if you lose data then it is always recommended that iPhone recovery services are the most reliable ones in order to recover the lost files.

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