Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery v6 Sets a New Standard with Support for FAT, ExFAT, and NTFS

Stellar Data Recovery unveiled a major update to its flagship product ‘Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery’, bringing the support for Windows NTFS, FAT, and exFAT file systems for the first time. The sixth version of the software intends to appease the users who cannot keep from enjoying Windows alongside Mac and use a Boot Camp partition. The new application also incorporates some improvements to its ‘Photo Recovery’ module and minor UI enhancements.

The software can now scan your Boot Camp partition running Windows and recover all the Windows-supported file formats like a snap. With support for FAT and ExFAT inherent to all the modules of the application, you will have a good experience recovering lost files, folders, and entire volumes from your flash devices. The revamped software makes searching for photos and media files many times faster than before. This can be attributed to the new specifications and updated file formats in ‘Photo Recovery’ module.

Another major highlight of the recent release is the ability of the tool to display more information about your lost pictures. The software displays you camera model name, creation date, resolution, and time-stamping information. You can have a closer look at this information to identify your lost files.

 Key Enhancements in Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery 6:

 Support for data recovery from Windows Boot Camp partition

  • Data recovery from FAT, exFAT, and NTFS based media
  • Speedy recovery of lost photos due to updated file formats
  • Displays camera model name, creation date, resolution, and time-stamping

From the perspective of a Mac user, Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery v6 is a complete solution that embraces all aspects of data recovery. With extensive support for various file systems, the application has been scaled to match the demand. The company gives a taste for free by allowing you to download its Demo version.

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