Millenniata’s Storage Media is Equipped to Preserve Data for a Million Years

Every new innovation in the field of storage is based on three important perspectives, i.e. increased capacity, more convenience, and longer lifespan. There have been significant improvements towards ensuring greater storage capacity and compactness for storage devices; however, data longevity is still a top concern. The American company Millenniata has taken a major step forward to improve the expected lifespan of storage devices with its M-Disk drives and storage media. The data is no longer written but etched into a rock-like layer.

The M-Disk drives and storage media are commercially available in India after the license was given to LG Electronics by the company. The very first version of optical discs leveraged organic dyes to store data (mostly audio), which made them increasingly susceptible to degradation over time, physical vulnerability, and thus limited lifespan.

Developments were seen in the form of stabilizers being used for these devices to improve durability, and thus data retention. However, these developments did not suffice to resolve the issue of degradation that remained because of exposure to ultraviolet radiation. A few years later, DVDs were able to provide massive storage but had a limited lifespan due to its susceptibility to oxidation.

Millenniata’s Leading Edge Technology

The company claims to ward off risks of media degradation by preventing the use of chemicals that contribute to the problem. Organic dyes and other compounds make the recordable surface of disks vulnerable to oxidation. These compounds leave chemicals on the surface of both disks and the drives that record data on them. The use of inorganic and metallic elements for the data layer helps to prevent oxidation and increase data longevity.

The existing DVD drives can only read data on them. M-discs are writable only on M-drives in order to keep data almost forever.

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