Top Data Loss Situations Where You Can Recover Data by using DIY Software

Whether it is business-related data, such as sales reports, invoices, balance sheets, customer’s information, etc. or personal photos, videos, and ID proofs, losing data is never good for anyone. Nevertheless, you may lose data from laptops, HDDs, or other storage devices due to situations that are sometimes unavoidable.

However, there are various DIY data recovery software available in the market that can help you recover data lost due to logical data loss situations. Do It Yourself (DIY) software offers a user-friendly interface to complete a specific set of tasks without the help of an expert. One such DIY software is Stellar Data Recovery software.

In this post, we’ll look at some data loss situations where you can recover data by using DIY data recovery software.

1. Accidental Deletion

Accidental deletion is a common occurrence. How many times have we all pressed the ‘Shift+Del’ key only to realize later that we actually needed the file or document? However, the file is not removed from the system when we delete it. Only its address is deleted from the map, making the file inaccessible.

A data recovery software by Stellar Data Recovery can easily recover accidentally deleted files from any storage device, be it a USB, HDD, or SSD.

2. File Corruption

A file can get corrupted due to various reasons. A sudden shutdown of the system while saving the file can corrupt it. Any virus in the system can also cause an app to function abnormally, causing file corruption. When this happens, the file becomes inaccessible and cannot be used further.

A data recovery software identifies the corrupted file and recovers it. It can also recover data from databases, such as SQL.

3. Formatted Drive

When a drive is formatted, all the data inside it becomes inaccessible. However, it is not removed from the hard drive. There are times when you format the hard drive by mistake and want to recover the data.

A data recovery software can recover all the data from a formatted hard drive.

4. Files Lost during System Crash

The system can crash at any time. Sometimes, a system crashes due to excessive heating. It can also crash when the computer is infected with malware or there is a spike in the operating voltage. When a system crashes, you may lose the files you are working on.

A data recovery software, like Stellar Data Recovery, recovers the data lost during a system crash. It can also recover data from a non-booting system.

5. Lost or Deleted Encrypted Partition

Whether it is manual deletion, bad sectors, or data corruption, the partitions can be lost with all its data. However, if the partition is encrypted, it adds to the complexities in data recovery.

A data recovery software offers features to recover data from a lost or deleted partition, even if it’s encrypted.

6. Failed RAID

RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks) is a setup of multiple hard disks connected to create a vast storage system. Any RAID array can experience data loss due to issues, such as RAID controller failure, wrong configuration, RAID Rebuild challenges, etc.

A DIY data recovery software, such as Stellar Data Recovery, can recover data from a failed RAID. It recovers data from RAID configuration – RAID 0, RAID 5, and RAID 6. You can recover data even without a RAID controller card.

Final Note

There are several situations that may result in the loss of data. However, there are various data recovery software tools available in the market that can help you recover the lost data. Stellar Data Recovery is one such DIY software that can help you recover data lost due to any of the above given data loss situations. The software is easy to use and can help you recover data in a few simple steps.

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