Unraveled: The Worst Effects of Smartphone Security Risks on IT

Smartphones have become an easy target for hackers due to the increased popularity of these devices and the high level of risks involved when using these pocket-sized computers in enterprises. All types of information, ranging from business contacts to confidential emails, is readily found on these mini-computers. If you lose your smartphone or a cyber criminal breaks into your voicemail, it can unravel some top secrets of your organization putting it at high risk.

With the new trend of bring your own device (BYOD) in most organizations, employees can access the crucial business records with their personal smartphones. They carry this data along with them to different places building a good platform for data breaches. The acceptable-use policies of companies are limited to their work PCs. The smartphones owned by individual employees are often left unmanaged, though the company has the legal right to monitor the device and protect corporate data.

As the smartphone security risks unfold, you can surely do something at your end to keep from facing these cyber crimes. The first step in this endeavor is to educate employees about the possible vulnerabilities and threats that put your information at risk. The focus should shift towards protecting information rather than devices. Encryption can be used as a strong weapon against any potential identity theft due to loss of devices and other employee errors.

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