Cyber Safety Tips For Internet User

On this #SaferInternetDay, We urge internet users to be secure and safeguard themselves from online frauds, identity theft, cyber-attacks etc. Here are few tips to secure Internet users:

  1. Smart Password: Passwords are a compulsory security check to perform different operations on the internet. If the passwords are not chosen properly, it can make the internet user susceptible to cyber-attacks. Use  the combination of special characters, lower case and numbers to generate a smart and strong password. Your Name or date of birth, Anniversary dates etc. are too easy to guess and your account can be easily hacked.
    *Keep changing passwords in every 3 months
  1. Lock your devices: Lock devices like Smartphones, laptops, computers etc. when not in use. Anyone can misuse your device in your absence.
  2. Beware of Freeware: Never download apps, music files etc. it can be a dubious program designed to cause data corruption and data loss.
  3. Regular Software Update: Always update the browser, Operating system and Software to keep viruses at bay.
  4. Use Secure Websites: While doing online transaction always check if the sites start with “https”. A majority of E-commerce sites and banking sites start with “https” and have additional features to ensure safe online transaction.
  5. 2-Step Verification: Every time you log in to your account get a passcode generated. This ensures no one else is using your account and also in case someone is trying to hack in you get alerts.
  6. Online Milieu: Acknowledge known people and avoid chatting or accepting friends request from a total stranger. Avoid posting personal emails for any online blogs, chat rooms or a new group, you may be considered as spammer or phisher.
  7. Antivirus: Use antivirus on your phones, Laptops and computers to avoid malware, virus attacks. Never compromise on your security, always buy or download best possible Antivirus software.
  8. Suspicious Emails: Keep an eye out for suspicious E-mails, if the email displays Lottery tickets or free gifts etc. there are high chances of  it being possible  malware, viruses or worms and can damage or compromise your system. In the case of malware like CTB check out how to get rid of it.
  9. Computer Security Settings: Ensure that the security setting on the computer is set to right level and  it should automatically warn us about potential risks when visiting suspicious websites.
  10. Personal Information Protection: While doing online transactions or using social media account, make sure the site is secure and also read the privacy policy of the websites.
  11. Check Financial Accounts: Keep regularly checking account for the unapproved transaction. Report any suspicious transaction to the bank to avoid damage.

Today on World Safer Internet Day we at Stellar Data Recovery, ask internet users to promote the safe, responsible and positive use of digital technology. Keep your Online Experience Enjoyable and Secure.

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