Photo Walk Event (Bhigwan Tour)

Place: Bhigwan, Maharashtra

Date: 22nd and 23rd February 2020

A two-day workshop on nature’s photography and camera tips – PhotoWalk, was held in Bihgwan, Maharashtra. The event was organized by The PhotoWorks in collaboration with Stellar, a data care company. The workshop was attended by several photography enthusiasts, nature lovers, and photographers, who traveled from Mumbai to Bhigwan.


The event was aimed to guide the participants on how to capture the perfect moments of nature’s beauty. The participants took photographs of some remarkable moments such as the unfolding of a flower, the calmness of lake water, Flamingos flying above the water, and lush green environment.


The workshop was mentored by Ranjeet Adkar, founder of The PhotoWorks, who accompanied the participants to Bhigwan. The participants reached Bhigwan early in the morning to experience the sunrise, and nature’s beauty. Mr. Adkar guided the attendees about the perfect location and moments to get the best shots.

He shared some valuable tips on how to make the most of those rare moments. Under his guidance, the participants really enjoyed clicking some spectacular pictures of different birds including Ducks, Raptors, Herons, and Waders.

In addition, Mr. Adkar provided some tips on the use of camera gears like add-on lenses, features like zoom-in, zoom-out, and the significance of the camera angles while clicking pictures.

He shared some valuable tips with the participants on how to protect the camera from dust, moisture, and so on. He also emphasized on the importance of technology in today’s photography and how it can help in preserving and restoring precious moments. He mentioned that in case the photos or videos got deleted or lost from the camera, they can be easily recovered with the help of professional photo recovery software.

At the end of the workshop, the participants discussed their experience and how the knowledge shared by Mr. Adkar will be useful in enhancing their photography skills.

Stellar Photo Recovery Premium- for photographers

As a token of thanks, Stellar presented a complimentary one month license of Stellar Photo Recovery Premium software to all the participants. The software not only recovers deleted/lost photos and videos from a camera or any storage device, but also repairs the corrupt ones.

About Ranjeet Adkar (The Mentor)

Ranjeet Adkar is a well-known photographer and Founder & Coach at The PhotoWorks. He regularly conducts photography training sessions and workshops across Mumbai and other cities of India. He also collaborates with other like-minded people to impart training to photography enthusiasts.

About Bhigwan

Bhigwan is a small dusty town on the border of Pune and Solapur in Central Maharashtra. Located on the backwaters of the Ujani dam, Bhigwan is best known for bird watching, especially Flamingos, and wildlife photography. All the passionate photographers and photography lovers would enjoy this great nature’s beauty to capture the prime bird species in their cameras at this bird’s paradise of Maharashtra.


It’s a great opportunity for brands to get to know their audience and know what drives and compels your market to seek them. With this approach, Stellar looks forward to collaborate with such photography and videography workshops all over India. To get the collaboration for such PhotoWalks, drop us an email at

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