How Does Data Recovery Process Work?

Confused and tensed on how to approach a data recovery company? Although, the digital storage media devices have been improved & offer high degree of data security nowadays, but data loss can happen.  The users are cautious when approaching a data recovery company as they not sure how the data recovery company works, how secure is their personal and confidential information is with the company.

Stellar Data Recovery will provide you step by step guide on how the data recovery process works and how the data recovery professionals maintain data security and integrity. How data recovery process has been simplified for the user.

Stellar, structures the data recovery process with a SIX-STEP course of action designed for customer and their data in mind.

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STEP 1: Free Consultation

  • The data recovery experts will access data loss and evaluate the best possible solution.
  • Explain process, methods and the options
  • Provide an tentative estimate
  • Media device Pick up and drop option is available

Next, you decide if you’d like to proceed with pre-recovery evaluation based on the consultation.

Step 2: Pick Up

  • Our representative comes to collect the media device.
  • Receiving given to the customer by our representative
  • Once the company receives the media devices, the customers are informed.

STEP 3: Analysis Of Media

  • The media device is analysed by the data recovery experts within a day
  • Estimate of the extent of damage and % of data recoverable is analysed
  • Estimated cost for data recovery
  • Time frame to recover the data

The customer decides if they want to go ahead with data recovery or not. If not, the media device is scheduled for drop at the desired address.

 STEP 4: Data Recovery

  • Once the customer nods for data recovery service, the customer needs to sign form to verify their data.
  • The Experts get to work, the data recovery process starts
  • The company informs the customer about the progress step by step
  • Data recovery

STEP 5: Payment

  • The customers are informed about the successful data recovery process
  • Customers need to verify the data
  • After the data verification process, the customers can pay data recovery fees.

STEP 6: Delivery

  • Once the data is verified by the customer and the company acknowledges the payment received.
  • The company arranges for drop of the media device.

This is last step of the data recovery process. All the process requires customer consent and it’s only when the customer is ready to proceed, company starts data recovery process. The customers will be provided instructions on how to access the data and in case the customer faces some difficulties and requires assistance with data, they can call our technical staff for help.

For more information about the Data Recovery Process and how to get started with Free Data Recovery Consultation, call 1800-102-3232 or fill RFQ Form.

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