Difference Between Free and Paid Data Eraser Software

Summary: This blog mentions the differences between free and paid data eraser software. It also mentions a professional data eraser tool that securely wipes data from hard drives and other storage devices beyond the scope of recovery.

If you’re selling or disposing of your computer or hard drive, you need to completely wipe or erase the data (not just delete) to protect it. The best way to completely wipe data from a hard drive is by using data eraser software. So, if you’re looking for a data eraser tool, you will find many free and paid tools available on the internet. Though free data eraser tools serve the purpose, they offer limited capabilities when compared to paid tools. In this blog, we will be looking at the differences between free and paid data eraser software.

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Free vs Paid Data Eraser Software

Here is a comparison between free and paid data eraser software on the basis of some key factors:

Parameter Free Data Eraser Tool Paid Data Eraser Tool (BitRaser)
Complete Data Eraser Free tool may fail to perform complete data erasure. Moreover, free tools like DBAN don’t follow global data erasure standards or NIST guidelines for media sanitization. BitRaser performs permanent data erasure without leaving any traces behind. It follows 24 international data erasure standards, like NIST, DoD, etc. It is tested by NIST and other global bodies for its wiping efficacy.
Effectiveness Free tools may fail to detect and wipe hidden areas, like HPA or DCO on the disks. BitRaser data eraser tool permanently deletes data from the hidden areas and remapped sectors on hard drives and SSDs.
Detailed Erasure Report Free data eraser tools don’t generate any report or certificate of data erasure. BitRaser generates a comprehensive report of data erasure. It also allows customizing the report with your company logo.
Data Wiping Certification A free tool provides only a single message that states data erasure is done. BitRaser generates a tamper-proof certificate that can be downloaded in PDF format for audit trails.
Precision Free tools lack precision and accuracy. BitRaser wipes data from storage devices beyond the scope of recovery.
Functionality Free tools don’t have the features or functionality to erase RAID servers or diagnose drive health. Moreover, they don’t support HexViewer to verify data wiping on disk sectors. BitRaser erases data from RAID servers and also diagnoses the health of the drive. It also supports HexViewer to verify data wiping on disk sectors.
Customer Support Free tools don’t come with any customer support. BitRaser comes with 24X5 customer support.

Benefits of Using BitRaser Software

Below we have mentioned some reasons why you should choose BitRaser data eraser software:

  1. Secure and Certified Data Erasure: BitRaser Data Eraser securely erases data from HDDs, SSDs, desktops, laptops, servers, and mobile devices. It generates a 100% tamper-proof certificate that ensures compliance with HIPAA, SOX, EU-GDPR, GLBA, and other international data protection regulations.
  1. Bulk Erasure: The software erases multiple devices or drives over a local area network with a centralized console to manage and monitor the erasure process and maintain reports.
  1. Regulatory Compliance: BitRaser Data Eraser securely erases data and generates a tamper-free certificate of erasure that helps meet compliance with several international data protection regulations. It supports 24 data erasure standards, including NIST 800-88, HMG, and DoD 3 & 7 passes.
  1. Cloud Integration: BitRaser Data Eraser software provides flexibility to create users, manage license distribution, and maintain a central repository of reports and certificates. 

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Summing It Up

The blog covers the key differences between free and paid data eraser software. If you’re looking for secure and permanent data erasure, it is best to choose paid data eraser software, such as BitRaser. This software supports various global data erasure standards and generates reports and certificates of the wiping process. It is a perfect tool to mitigate risks of data breaches and meet statutory and regulatory compliance.

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