Have You Lost Your Hard Disk Data to a Head Crash? Learn How to Fix It…

There have been a significant number of advances in hard drive technology over the past few years. Hard drive manufacturers are targeting two major areas: performance and capacity. In a frenzy to create faster and larger-capacity drives, these vendors are overseeing their reliability quotient. As a consequence, modern hard drives are more prone to mechanical failures. The cost of recovering your data assets in the event of a drive failure usually depends on the severity of damage, mechanical parts affected, and the method employed for recovery.

Mechanical failures are the most common of all physical hard drive failures. A typical symptom of such failure is the clicking sound produced by the hard drive. This is sometimes referred to as the ‘click of death’. This unusual sound is generated by the read/write head when it moves over the platter. This happens when the head finds some dust on the platter and fails to sweep back or forth properly. In such situations, it ends up either crashing into the spindle axis or making its way off the platter region. If the head crashes into the platter, it may add a lot of debris to this region causing further damage. In case the platter gets damaged, your data will be rendered irrecoverable.

Backups are the fastest way to recover from any disaster. Most users prefer to keep multiple backups of their data on external drives. It would help even if you do it on an irregular basis. Backups are like an insurance policy that always keeps you prepared to face such horror scenarios and recover everything that seems to have gone forever. If you refrain from performing regular backups, you will expose yourself to the peril of data loss.

A head crash does not necessarily cause data loss. If the damage is limited to a small area on your hard drive, you can recover considerable amount of data. If your hard drive crashes in this way or shows some early signs of failure, it is best to send the failing drive to a data recovery service provider. These companies are adept at dealing with all types of physical hard drive failures. With competent tools and state-of-the-art infrastructure, they can perform both simple as well as complex recoveries in minimum turnaround time. After carefully examining the damaged media, they give you a cost estimate for performing data recovery. Although, they have high success rate, you will not be charged if the recovery attempt fails.

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