Data Recovery Services – An Overview

Hard Disk data loss is the problem which almost all computer users face at least once in a lifetime of their computer usage. But, with the advancement of information technology, no problem related to computers is unresolved today and so do hard disk data loss. Thus, through third-party hard disk recovery tools we now can recover data which is lost, deleted, or formatting due to various logical issues.

However, the question arises here that how can we recover data if our hard disk is physically damaged. Well, for physically damaged hard disks we have various hard disk data recovery service providers which repair or replace the problem parts of the hard disk to make it working so that the entire data which is saved on this problem disk can be imaged on a different storage media and then carry out the task of hard disk data recovery.

Thus, the hard drive data recovery experts use this created image to reconstruct the data to another drive and try to fix all the damages which are caused to data. To carry out all these tasks carefully and successfully, high-ended technologies and tools are being used by data recovery experts. In this process one of the basic requirements is Class 100 Clean Rooms. The Clean Room has sterilized dust free environment, so that no dust particle can settle down between the read-write head and platters of hard disk.

Therefore, irrespective of the brand of hard drive (Toshiba, Hitachi, Samsung, IBM, Maxtor, etc), the interface (Parallel ATA, SATA, SCSI, IDE, etc) it has, and the operating system (Windows, Mac, Novell, Linux, UNIX) it uses, an experienced hard drive data recovery service provider provides unbeatable service. Thus, the gist is we can get back all our data despite of the storage media we are using.

One of the highly dependable hard disk data recovery services providers is Stellar Information Technology Pvt. Ltd. (Stellar Data Recovery). Stellar is ISO 9001:2008 certified organization which is in the field of data recovery services and software for more than 18 years and has more than 1, 100, 000 satisfied customers across the globe. This organization also has data recovery labs with Class 100 Clean Rooms where data recovery is being performed safely and carefully.

Moreover, with its 24X5 customer service, the organization is trying to solve almost all the queries related to data loss and its recovery of customers. Since, Stellar follows No Recovery, No Charge policy and you have to make payment only after you data retrieval then if you are the one who is also suffering from the data loss due to any kind of physical damage of your hard disk then you can go for data recovery services provided by Stellar.

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