How to recover data from 2TB external hard drive?

Loss of data stored in your external hard drive can land you up in a mess. Well, you should know how to recover data from 2tb external hard drive, so that you do not face a catastrophe at your workplace in case of data loss. Whether you are running a business or working as an individual, you have no point in denying the importance of data that you store in the drives. In the digitized age, information holds the key to all sorts of operations in the business. Most of the companies collaborate with data recovery experts to help them out, in case they happen to lose their data. Here, we have come up with a DIY solution for you, that will help you retrieve lost data from your 2 TB external hard drive.

Over the years, DIY data recovery software has gained popularity across various verticals in the industry. Particularly, business firms and corporate companies dealing with voluminous data during their operations benefit tremendously from these tools. In case you are looking for a powerful and effective 2TB hard drive recovery, you can download the same from the website and keep your data secure.

Stellar Remote Recovery Services

In continuation of our commitment to data care services and to ensure that data loss situations don’t affect you or your business, we have launched a cutting-edge Remote Data Recovery Service.

This service allows you to recover data over the Internet without getting your device physically touched by the experts, thus offering safe and contactless recovery. Our contactless remote data recovery service is available across Windows, Mac, and Linux systems.

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Use a robust data recovery software to restore your business data

Even a few years ago, the general concept in the industry was that it is not possible to retrieve lost data from a 2TB external hard drive, given that the storage volume was massive. However, the established software developers and data recovery service providers suggest that you can use data recovery software to recover essential data, that you might have lost. Particularly, when you do not need the assistance from the experts while restoring the information, it turns out to be a feasible option. However, if hard drive gets severely damaged, you may have to get across to the reputed service providers. We, at Stellar Data Recovery, have collaborated with clients across the globe all these years, helping them with the data recovery process using our Windows Data Recovery Software.

One of the best advantages of using a 2 TB external hard drive is the ability to organize all your files in a single place. You do not need to buy multiple drives or other storage devices to store your information. However, external hard drives, like any other electronic device, are susceptible to damage. In these situations, you may end up losing all your data. Besides, the hard drive may simply become undetectable.

With the DIY data recovery software at your disposal, you can recover the lost data anytime without any professional guidance. When you have the right software around, you can retrieve data even from 16 TB storage devices.

Getting your data recovered: Simplified in 3 steps

Firstly, you need to download the windows data recovery software and get it installed on your laptop, PC or Mac. Now connect the external hard drive to the PC or laptop, in which you had installed the software. You simply need to run the software to get the lost data recovered from the 2TB hard drive.  We have simplified the process of recovering data in three steps here.

  • Choose the 2TB external hard drive that contained your data.
  • Select the types of files that you want to recover.
  • Preview your files and recover.

This is the easiest DIY process of external hard drive recovery. You simply need to download the windows data recovery software and follow the instructions stated above to retrieve all your lost data. Isn’t the process easy for you? No need to call the technician or dial up the manufacturer.

With the windows data recovery software, you can recover files of any format from the 2TB external hard drive. These include:

  • Documents
  • Folders
  • Videos
  • Audio
  • Music
  • Voice Files
  • Archives
  • Photos, and much more.

You should also know, that the software offers both deep and quick scan modes. At first, you may run a quick scan on your PC, but if it fails to detect the files, you may run a deep scan. It will re-scan 2TB hard drive sector-by-sector. Now, you know how to recover data from 2tb external hard drive, so you need not worry about crashes and malfunctioning of these storage devices.


Here’s a little precaution that you should undertake while restoring the files from your 2TB external hard drive. In case you realize that the files are missing, or the device is unable to read them, make sure not to add new files to the drive. Once you retrieve the lost files back, you can continue with the normal operational process with the drive. However, unless you run the software and get back your files, take care not to store any additional file in the storage device. This will ensure that the space in your disk is not overwritten by the new files, which increases the possibilities of getting the lost files restored to a significant extent. This is the best 2TB hard drive recovery process, simply by using the software.

Has your external hard drive become undetectable?

At times, you may find that your external hard drive has become undetectable due to the following factors:

  • During data transfers, sudden surges in power can make the hard drive undetectable. In these cases, you may not be able to get access to the information stored in the device.
  • One of the most common reasons a hard drive not detected is dropping or Physical damage.
  • An external hard drive may also become undetectable as a result of abrupt termination of the system.
  • Malware and virus infection may also lead to these issues.
  • If you are using the external hard drive for a long time, wear and tear of the device is a probable factor, leading to detection issues.
  • A corrupt OS or deletion of the system files in your hard drive may also make it undetectable.

In these cases, you should seek external hard drive recovery services from the established professionals. The Stellar’s experts will work on your hard drive to recover your data. However, DIY data recovery software is beneficial when you lose data from the 2TB external hard drive under normal conditions. Download the software to restore the deleted files on your computer or laptop.

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