How to recover data from dead iPhone?

“My iPhone is broken and dead at the same time”
Hi everyone!

Just a couple of days while riding a bike on the highway, my iPhone 7 slipped out of my pocket and fell on the road. As a result, its screen broke and it hasn’t turned on since. I guess it is broken and dead at the same time. I need to recover data from iPhone as it has many important files and precious pictures. How can I recover them? It’s been two days. I’m freaking out!

Thanks in advance !!

Is your iPhone dead? Here’s what you can do to recover data from it?

Dropping your iPhone is not a pleasant experience, but still, there are many incidents where you or your friends or anyone keep dropping their iPhone – be it while standing in a queue, travelling to work, while texting or updating WhatsApp status just before dozing off and so on.

If your iPhone is dead, anything happens to your iPhone, you’re probably wondering how to recover data from the broken/dead iPhone? On that note, here’s what you can do?

Dead iPhone. What to do next?

Get it fixed

If your iPhone is still under warranty, approach the nearest Apple service centre and get it fixed. If not, then assess the damage, have an estimated repairing cost and get your iPhone repaired. The repairing cost may vary for different types of iPhone models.

You can get your dead iPhone fixed; however, there is zero possibility of recovering your data.

Restore your files from iCloud backup

Another good option is to restore your files from iCloud and or simply transfer files to your new iPhone. Just log in your iCloud account with the valid Apple ID and recover all your files.

If you do not have an iCloud backup or haven’t enabled it yet, ensure to enable it to avoid data loss problems in future.

Retrieve your files from backup drive

If you have stored copies of your files on backup drives such as external hard drives, pen drives, etc. connect them to your system and retrieve all your files. Make sure that you have an updated backup; else there is no use for it.

Approach a professional iPhone data recovery service provider

Last but not the least, professional iPhone recovery service provider comes into the picture when everything else fails. If you do not have iCloud Backup, external backup drives or your iPhone has been damaged to a great extent wherein getting it fixed will cost a huge sum, this is when you should seek professional help.

Stellar Data Recovery serves the purpose

Stellar Data Recovery provides iPhone data recovery services to efficiently recover all your essential data from the broken/dead iPhone. Additionally, in one such instance, where a customer (Mr. Kaustuv Chatterjee) had a 128GB iPhone which was not working due to which his internal memory was inaccessible. As a result, he cannot access his photos, videos, contacts, and other documents. This is when the stellar team stepped in and recovered all his crucial data. Read out the case study to know how Stellar recovered data from dead iPhone?


Of course, from now on you will implement precautionary steps to keep your iPhone from dropping or getting damaged. Moreover, you should also make it a point to have multiple copies of your important files stored in different locations to ensure that your data is readily available even in the worst case situation. Things can still go wrong, and for that, professional help is the best way forward.

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