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To recover valuable photos, videos, contacts, and documents from the dead iPhone


The client approached Stellar Data Recovery (Bengaluru center)


Efficiently recovered all valuable files from the dead iPhone


Stellar brings back important files from the dead iPhone

Stellar Data Recovery (ISO 9001:2008 & ISO 27001:2013 certified) provides data recovery services and solutions. It adheres to confidentiality, integrity, privacy, and transparency throughout the process. With data recovery centres pan India, CLASS 100 CLEAN ROOM labs, cost-effectiveness, and quality data recovery services, Stellar has carved out a named for itself in the market. 


Our client had to go through a rough experience wherein his iPhone was dead. This resulted in inaccessibility of the internal memory which contained all his important photos, videos, contacts and documents. To pull himself out of this dreadful situation, the client approached Stellar Data Recovery Bengaluru center and successfully recovered all his data.

Can’t access the internal memory!

The client had iPhone 7 (128GB) to store all his photos, videos, contacts and important documents so that he can easily access them on the go. However, one fine day he couldn’t turn on the iPhone (which was dead later) and was unable to access the internal memory. Consequently, he could not access his files stored on the iPhone and that was the main concern.

iPhone’s details
Device Type and Manufacturer: Apple iPhone 7
Model:  A1778
Storage capacity: 128GB
Operating System: iOS
Types of data recovered:  Photos, videos, contacts, and other documents

To restore all files, the client searched for a reliable iPhone recovery services provider and chose Stellar Data Recovery Bengaluru service centre.

Stellar is the way forward

The client approached Stellar Data Recovery Bengaluru center and submitted his dead iPhone. The iPhone was sent to Stellar’s data recovery specialist to analyse it. Once the analysis was done, the team found out that it was a physical case and 80% - 90% recovery was possible.

Furthermore, the team required tampering permission from the client to access the dead iPhone’s internal memory. Once the permission was granted, the data recovery specialists accessed the internal memory and recovered all the required files.

 Everything goes well

The team shared the data listing with the client for verification. After verifying the recovered data, the client got all valuable photos, videos, contacts, documents back. In the end, the client was satisfied with the overall process and left on a happy note.