How Remote Data Recovery Helps To Recover Data Online?

Summary: Data loss is inevitable. It can occur anytime without prior warning. The situation becomes critical, especially, if you lose valuable data in a situation when you want an expert to restore it but can’t submit the storage media to the recovery center. Such situations like the current Coronavirus outbreak or natural calamities when you are unable to move out or get the media picked up from home or office, remote data recovery is the best solution.

It is possible to recover data online from any laptop, computer, SD card, pen drive, hard drive, SSD, flash drive, etc., remotely, without getting the media touched by the technician at all.

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This blog shares in detail how you can recover data online and what are the prerequisites for using a remote data recovery service.

How to recover lost data Online?

Stellar Remote Data Recovery Service is the best way to restore all kinds of lost files and folders from storage media on an urgent basis while sitting at home. The service is available, irrespective of the type, size or capacity of the storage drive.

By using the Stellar remote data recovery service, you can connect directly with a data recovery expert.

The remote recovery option uses some of the very advanced technology and trained engineers to get back your lost data. The process grants complete access to the system including the hard drives, disks, partitions, and any attached external media to the technicians through a secured internet connection.

Remote Data Recovery

When can you use a remote data recovery service?

Remote data recovery is possible when data is lost due to logical reasons such as drive corruption, data/ partition deletion, formatting, system file issues, virus infection, etc. However, Online data recovery cannot be done from physically damaged drives or media.

If your drive is physically crashed or not detected by the computer, you can’t recover it remotely. A physically crashed drive may not function at all, or might not operate as expected during the Online data recovery process.

Hence, you must make sure that the drive from which you want to recover data remotely is in working condition.

Prerequisites for Online Data Recovery

  • The storage drive must be in working and detected by your computer.
  • Working Internet connection (preferable speed > 1 mbps).
  • You must have Administrative access/rights on your system.
  • Drive from which you want to recover data must be connected to your system.

How to avail Stellar Remote Data Recovery Service?

If you want to avail data recovery services, we will provide you the same by the online medium. For this, the only requirement is to place a request for remote data recovery.

Step-by-step: Remote Data Recovery Process 

Recovering data by using Stellar’s Remote Data Recovery Service doesn’t require you to have the technical know-how. The entire process of data recovery is carried out by the expert technician, and it starts with the analysis of your drive and understanding of the data loss situation. Let’s see the process in detail.

Step 1. The technician contacts you at the mutually agreed time and accesses your system with your permission.

Step 2. The technician analyzes the drive and understands the data loss situation. NOTE: We access only the affected volumes/folders to maintain the privacy of your data.

Step 3. After a complete analysis, a list of recoverable files would be shared with you.

Step 4.  Based on the complexity of the case, type, and capacity of the storage device, a quotation would be sent to you.

Step 5. If you agree to the quotation and allow to proceed with the data recovery process, the technician starts the recovery of data by using propriety tools and techniques.

Step 6. Once the recoverable data is extracted, it is shared with you online. You can save it on another drive.

Data privacy & security during remote recovery

Throughout the process, strict adherence to the security and privacy guidelines is maintained. Experts recover up to 100% of data in its original form. The recovery information is shared with you at every stage of the online data recovery process. Your data remains on the local computer and is not transferred, copied, or saved on any network while performing the remote recovery task.

To Sum Up

There are situations when individuals or businesses who have lost data want an expert’s help, but can’t submit the storage media at the service center due to some reason.

Stellar Remote Data Recovery Service recovers and shares lost data over the internet. It is a big relief as you get back your valuable data without going out or physically sharing your storage media to the recovery experts.

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