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Top use cases where data can be recovered via Remote Recovery

Do you want someone to recover your valuable data remotely, without the need to ship your hard drive or storage media?

Our experts can help you in recovering data from your storage media through a secured internet connection via Remote.

Top Use cases where you can get back your data via Remote services

  • Deleted/Formatted Data
  • File system/partition corruption ( files, video, photos, database, emails of pst etc)
  • Missing Data from storage device
  • Partial Overwrite/ system is in use from where data has to be recovered
  • Deleted Partition
  • Corrupt or missing operating system files
  • Error message on hard disk
  • In-accessible partition
Remote Data Recovery Service

Remote data recovery process

There are 2 stages in Online Data Recovery service procedure

Remote Analysis - In Remote Analysis, Our data recovery technician will take remote access of your system/computer. During this process data recovery technician will analyze the possibility of remote data recovery. Our technician will show you some of the sample files from your required data to be recovered. You need to confirm the files/data shown to you .This analysis process may take 30 minutes to 4 hours depending on your drive capacity and problem in your storage media.

Data Recovery - Post your confirmation on the data shown to you in the first stage, we will proceed for next stage of Remote Data Recovery. Upon receipt of data recovery service fee, we will recover your required data in the same session & store the recovered data on your preferred media attached to your computer/system.

Remote data recovery requirement

Remote data recovery can only be performed in some specific cases. There are some prerequisites to perform online data recovery on your computer.

  • Working Laptop/Desktop - You need to have a working laptop/desktop; which is powering on and you are able to see home screen on your laptop/desktop.
  • Internet speed – Remote data recovery can only be performed if you are able to access internet via broadband. Minimum internet speed required is 1 mbps.
  • Operating system – We can perform online data recovery only on Windows, mac or Linux operating system.
  • Admin Rights – You need to have admin rights to the computer through which you want us to perform remote recovery. If there are any firewall restrictions or admin right issues then remote data recovery cannot be performed.
  • External Storage Media – In order to save recovered data; it is recommended that you should have a separate external storage media. This is required to eliminate the risk of overwriting of data on same logical drive.

During remote session our technician will be installing data recovery software on your system to scan your drive for evaluating whether the data recovery is possible or not. It is advised that you must close all your open sessions and applications, before going for the remote session. In case if recovery has to be done from the same logical drive there may be very minimal overwrite on the data stored in the logical drive. Before starting the process, we need your approval to start the data recovery process.

Emergency recovery with data privacy

ISO 9001 and 27001 certified, Stellar organization recovers your data with utmost privacy. The experts follow stringent security policies, and access only the folders and location on the drive specified by you. They keep you well informed about each step they take while recovering data online.

Remote data recovery service cost

  • Remote data recovery charges depends upon the capacity of the Hard drive or storage media. Minimum remote data recovery fee for service is INR 4,500+ GST.
  • Analysis fee for Remote Data Recovery service is Rs 699. These analysis charges are non–refundable and non-adjustable.
  • Kindly note this cost is not applicable for hard drives or storage media affected with Ransomware Virus.
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Stellar values the privacy of your precious data, and hence follows stringent practices and transparency while recovering data remotely.

Up to 100% Recovery

UP TO 100%

We at Stellar have proven capabilities to recover up to 100% data by using our advanced and innovative techniques and tools.

Risk-free Data Recovery


Our technicians are highly experienced and well-trained on data recovery technology. They analyze the data loss situation and act accordingly.



With Stellar’s Remote Data Recovery Services, you don’t need ship or wait for the pickup of your storage device for data recovery. Stellar can remotely recover data, without physically accessing your storage device.


Is my Presence required during remote session?

It is not mandatory for you to remain present at all the time. But for data verification during analysis process your presence would be required; and also after final data recovery; you may need to verify the recovered data.

In case customer do not have UPS or continues power supply?

In such cases also we can recover data; but depending upon the continuation of remote session if power goes in between remote session. However it will take longer duration for recovery process.

Is it possible to Recover data from a non- Bootable or Non- Working drive via Remote?

Yes it is possible. If you have a non-working/non-Booting drive inside the computer/system and have another working computer /system then also remote data recovery is possible. In this case If you can be take out the drive from a non-working system and plug it as a secondary drive on to the another working system/computer and the same drive should be getting detected in the 2nd system.

What are the payment options available to pay Remote Data Recovery service fee?

You can pay though our online facility.

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Stellar Customer
5 Star Rating Icon 5/5 Very efficient and prompt service. Requirement very competently and professionally handled by Ms Sakshi. Thanks a ton!
Stellar Customer
5 Star Rating Icon 5/5 I got damage hard disk of my client. There was nothing left I have tried to recover the data. Then started contact to Stellar. They did the good job. They recovered all the data and safe my client from big lose. Thank you Stellar specially Sashi Mishra Madam. Their behavior is very friendly and service process and quality is best.
Stellar Customer
5 Star Rating Icon 5/5 Thank you Stellar For Data Recovery. Your Service and Timing are very good....
Specially Thanks to Shruti Vashisht mam She is very supportive and Hardworking who respond on time.
Thanks again Stellar for saving my data.
Stellar Customer
5 Star Rating Icon 5/5 Amidst global crisis due to COVID-19 pandemic, when our entire nation is completely lock down, Stellar Data Recovery, Asia’s #1 brand for Data Recovery provided us with the data recovery of our deleted wedding video and helped us at the comfort of our home by providing remote recovery and a tremendous fast service. Thanks to the entire team, specially Sashi, Rahul & Srabani.
Stellar Customer
5 Star Rating Icon 5/5 I am very satisfied with the services of Stellar during this lockdown, as they have made their whole hearted efforts to recover my valuable data from the Hard Drive, when other organisations have expressed their inability or resource constraint due to COVID – 19 effects. I would like to specifically mention that price charged by the Stellar for their services is directly related to their efforts and there is no such policy / mind set of the company to charge extra for their services when the customer is in trouble. I find that the prices quoted by the Company are competitive and proportional to the amount of hard work they put. I am also thankful to Pallavi Madam at Chandigarh Office for their very sincere cooperation during the whole process of recovery.

I would like to convey my best wishes to Stellar and their whole team for all their future endeavours. You guys are doing a terrific job and your efforts will definitely put you amongst league of organisations, which are known for their unalloyed services.

Thanks & Best Wishes

Due to COVID-19, Stellar Data Recovery offices will remain closed during the lockdown period. In continuation of our commitment to data care services and to ensure data loss does not hamper businesses or individuals, Stellar will be operating online and provide remote data recovery services. Read More