How to Recover Unallocated Partition Data From Hard Drive?

To know the concept of data loss and data recovery from an unallocated partition in a hard drive, we must understand the meaning of disk partitions.

Partitions are one or more regions in a hard drive or external storage unit, where the operating system stores information. If a hard drive is damaged, then files from partition/s get unallocated, and it becomes impossible for the operating system to read or reflect it on screen.

Some of the reasons for data loss from disk partitions are:

1. Disruption/damage of the partition table

Partition table provides statistics (about the split of the hard drive into key partitions) to the operating system. While ‘invalid partition table’ error might appear when trying to install an OS, it will not be fixed with a BIOS update or recover Unallocated Partition Data using CMD.

2. Malware/virus attack

Despite awareness about virus intrusion among users, people do not take precautions. In fact, many of us do not care about installing a powerful anti-virus. And due to lack of security measures and virus attack, data can be lost from partitions.

3. Reinstallation of the operating system

When you are trying to update or reinstall the operating system in the device, and the software is pirated, it can write off files in the hard drive.

4. System crash

It is the most uncertain events that can cause a hard drive to stop working, one being a system crash. Sometimes, it scraps data from parts of hard disk too.

5. Sudden power outage

A shut down due to power failure or change in voltage makes us lose work saved on PC. Consider yourself lucky if your computer switches back on or data is not lost after a sudden shutdown. Well, not all are; some lose files too.

While the market has lots of software with modules that help recover files from deleted partitions, lack of supervision and knowledge could result in permanent deletion of data. With negligence, a few of us also end up overwriting lost data with new.

Note: We cannot recover overwritten data. The software can also overwrite data if installed in the same drive as the location of lost data.

Despite so much progress in the IT world, there’s no halt on data loss. It is one of the volatile occurrences that make us lose data from hard drive or partitions. Moreover, the process of recovering data from unallocated space in hard disks is more complicated than the accidental deletion of files. In such times, trusting local and free software for file recovery seems unrealistic; when they might end up overwriting /corrupting/damaging hard drive.

How can you recover data from unallocated partitions in a hard drive?

Although it is suggested to seek certified help in case a partition becomes unallocated, and files turn inaccessible, users can try and recover data with the following methods:

  1. Recover files from partitions or unallocated space via trusted software – Stellar Data Recovery Software for Windows/MAC
  2. Ask for Stellar Data Recovery Services

That being said, experimenting with important data can cause permanent loss. The software has its limitations.

Hence, if a user is not able to retrieve data with the help of software, only experts from Stellar can help bring data back with the use of advanced techniques in a controlled environment of Class 100 Clean Lab.

How can Stellar Data Recovery Services help?

Stellar has been a trusted name in the world of technology. From invention to alteration, our experts have provided advanced data care services to the customers. If a partition/s becomes unallocated in a hard drive, don’t fret; professionals at Stellar have tools and techniques that can save almost every part of your data. All you have to do is follow these steps:

  1. Consult the nearest branch or contact through an online helpdesk
  2. Submit hard drive – free pickup facility or drop-in in person at a branch
  3. Wait for media analysis results (takes between 3 hours and one day)
  4. Media analysis results confirm the possibility of data recovery and data recovery cost
  5. Confirm, pay advance and let us proceed; days vary basis size of data
  6. Check recovered data and pay the outstanding amount
  7. Bring a new drive and take up to 100 percent data

Data Recovery Process

Why should you take Stellar Data Recovery Services?

We, at Stellar, take pride in providing data care services for the last 25 years. Our team of more than 100 R & D engineers has developed in-house software and advanced techniques for data recovery from unallocated space/partition/s. In fact, we have been a pioneer in providing up to 100% data recovery.


No. 1 Data Recovery Company

Losing data because of a system crash, virus attack or even sudden power outage is common, but the mistake of not consulting experts might make you lose files forever.

Data recovery is a skill. Our experts have software, techniques, and skills to help you. We have helped more than 3 million customers.

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