How To Convert Raw Partition To NTFS Without Data Loss?

Summary: You can’t suddenly access a partition of the hard drive. Windows put up a dialog box that says there is no recognizable file system. The failure can happen to HDD and SSD. It can also happen to an external drive and USB storage media. In this article, we explain – step by step – How To Convert Raw Partition To NTFS Without Data Loss?

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Convert Raw To NTFS

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What is a RAW drive?

When you first buy the hard drive (or the laptop) the drive is RAW. RAW means it does not have a recognized file system. A brand-new drive cannot store data. It first needs to have a file system such as FAT, exFAT, or NTFS.

RAW drive

Why is NTFS needed?

After all, if you want to open a 2 MB Word document file, there must be a “telephone book” that tells where the file is on a 500 GB disk. Any storage media stores data as bits. A bit can be 0 or 1. Eight bits (eight 0s and 1s) make one byte. Every character (viz 2, 4, 9, L, k, > and so on is represented) by a byte. Such as “A” is 01000001 and “a” is 01100001 For reasons beyond the scope of this article, NTFS (New Technology File System) is the default file system on Microsoft Windows from Windows Vista onwards. NTFS divides the drive into millions of sectors, each the same size.

More importantly, NTFS is a file journal that keeps track of the file metadata (name of the file, type, size, location, creation, access, and last modified time and date). Hence, losing the NTFS and you lose the “telephone book”. You need to convert RAW to NTFS to have access to data in that partition.

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How To Convert RAW To NTFS Without Any Data Loss?

It is really easy to convert RAW to NTFS. Just format the volume. But then you lose all data stored there.

convert RAW to NTFS

We need to convert RAW to NTFS without any damage to data.

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1. With the help of the Error Checking Tool

Windows has an in-built error-checking tool for this reason. The error-checking tool can identify and correct many problems with your hard drive.

  • Open File Explorer
  • Select the RAW volume and right click
  • Click Properties at the bottom
  • Click Tools > Check
  • Click Scan drive
  • Click Apply

The error-checking tool will slowly work its way through the files. The larger the volume and more the number of files on it, the longer the wait.

After the process is complete, restart the PC. The drive should now be accessible.

NTFS Without Data Loss

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2. With the help of CHKDSK

CHKDSK is a unique feature of Windows operating systems. It can fix errors in the file table, move files in bad sectors and isolate bad sectors.

  • Type CMD in the start menu search bar
  • Right-click on CMD and select “Run as administrator”

Run as administrator

  • The CMD window will open
  • Type CHKDSK <drive letter>: /f/r


F and R stand for fix and repair, respectively.

In the end, CHKDSK displays a report that lets you know how many files have been processed.

RAW To NTFS Without Any Data Loss

Restart the PC and the drive should work fine.

3. With the help of Stellar Data Recovery Software

Using Stellar Data Recovery Software is a painless way to recover data when users experience partition loss. The software can immediately recognize the RAW volume and allow you to retrieve data from the affected partition.

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  • Install Stellar Data Recovery Software

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  • Launch the software and the UI will appear
  • You can choose All Data or specific file types (e.g. documents)

Select what to recover

  • Select the RAW volume
  • Click Scan
  • In case all the deleted files are not found toggle the Deep Scan option

Recover from

  • When the scan has completed, click on any file name to see Preview
  • Select Recover to save the files you want

data recovery professional

  • You can save it on an internal or external drive.

After the data has been recovered, right-click on the volume and select Format. Always tick the Quick option. There you have it.

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Stellar Data Recovery Software—Best Data Recovery Tool You Can Find

Stellar Data Recovery Software is a top-notch software that is entirely designed and developed in India. Our data recovery products and services are available in 14 Indian cities and are used by the largest businesses globally. Recently TechRadar, the well-known technology blog, has rated Stellar Data Recovery Software at 4.5/5.

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Why is Stellar Data Recovery Software better than Microsoft Windows File Recovery Tool?

The Windows File Recovery Tool is a part of Windows 10 and 11. It is a free utility that leaves much to be desired. The biggest downside – it uses the command line interface and requires comfort with the computer architecture.

Stellar Data Recovery table

Watch Video on How to Recover Deleted Photos, Videos, Files By Stellar Data Recovery


What is the cost of data recovery using Stellar Data Recovery Software?

To test if it is working and can fix your hard drive, you pay nothing. That’s right. You have access to all the features for zero cost. But the free version lets you recover 1 GB of data. If you would like to retrieve more, you need to buy a licence either from inside the software or by visiting our website.

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What are the features of Stellar Windows Data Recovery Software?

  • Compatible with all Windows versions from 7 onwards
  • Available for both 32-bit and 64-bit OS
  • Retrieve data from unrecognized and corrupt hard drives, USB devices, and external storage media.
  • Works with all types of file partitions—NTFS, FAT, and exFAT
  • Completely suitable for users with little understanding of technology
  • Get assistance with questions 24×6 from experienced engineers
  • Can recover all file types—documents, PDF, images, video, audio, Outlook, and archival files (ZIP and RAR)
  • Can reconstruct corrupt files and restore their functioning
  • Can retrieve data from a RAW volume without any file system
  • Offers a unique Preview feature that lets the user select what they want to recover first.
  • Works in a dual monitor setup that speeds up the process of data recovery.
  • Also, the software has hard drive monitor which analyses & checks the health of your hard drive.
  • Mac version available that is compatible with Version 10 and above
  • Backed by research from Stellar Data Recovery, an ISO 9001- 27001 organisation and global leader in data recovery

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