[Solution]: How to Recover Shift Deleted Files in Windows 10?

Summary: “I have deleted some files from my Windows 10 system by using Shift + Delete combination of keys. Now I want to restore those deleted files. I tried finding them in the Recycle Bin folder but to no avail. How can I recover the deleted files?” In this post, we will discuss the possible solutions of how to recover shift deleted files in Windows 10.

If you want to recover shift deleted files in Windows 10 download the demo version of  Stellar Data Recovery software to get a preview of restored shift deleted files in Windows 10. 

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Have you used shift + delete keys to delete files and want to recover them? You can’t restore deleted files from the Windows Recycle Bin folder if you’ve deleted them by using a combination of Shift + Delete keys.

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However, there are some ways you can use to recover shift deleted files Windows 10. In this post, we’ll discuss how to recover shift deleted files in Windows 10 system.


How to Recover Shift Deleted Files from Windows 10?

Below are the methods for How to Restore Shift Deleted Files in Windows 10:

Recover Shift Deleted Files from “Previous Versions”

To recover shift deleted files Windows 10 without software use previous versions. Previous Versions (Snapshots) are the earlier versions of a folder/location on your Windows system which exist prior to modification or deletion of files from the folder. You can use the older versions of a folder or root location such as drive D:\ to restore shift deleted files in Windows 10.

[NOTE]: Windows systems record Previous Versions only when the following settings had already been configured on your Windows system before file deletion:

  1. System Protection is turned ON, and System Restore Point is created OR File History is enabled
  1. Volume Shadow Copy service is “Started”

Follow the steps given below to restore files from Previous Versions:

  • On your Windows, 10 system right-click the folder which contained the deleted file and click Restore previous versions. This will open the Properties window containing a list of all the versions of the folder according to the date it was modified.
  • Find the deleted files from these versions of the folder by opening each of them one-by-one
  • Copy the deleted files
  • Paste the file at the desired location.

If Previous Versions of the folder are not available or you’re unable to find the deleted files in any of the previous versions, use data recovery software.

Use a File Recovery Software to Recover Shift Deleted Files

Use Stellar Data Recovery for Windows to recover shift deleted files Windows 10 system. The software scans engine which can easily recover deleted files, even from a corrupt system.

Steps to recover deleted files by using Stellar Data Recovery software:

  • Download and install the software on your Windows 10 system, and launch it
  • From the main interface, choose the type of files you want to recover

partition recovery

  • Now, Select the location which contained the shift deleted file, and click the “Scan” button

partition recovery

  • Now, When scanning is completed the user can preview all the recoverable files which got deleted by using shift delete keys.
  • Choose the deleted files you want to recover and save, and then click “Recover”

Data Recovery Software by Stellar

  • When prompted, click “Browse” and choose a location where you want to save the selected files
  • Once you’ve chosen the location, click “Start Saving”. This would save the deleted files at the desired destination.

[NOTE]: Choose a location other than the location from which you’d deleted your files.

Also, if you wish to recover shift deleted files Windows 10 free download Stellar Free data recovery software. By using free data recovery software a user can do shift delete recovery Windows 10 upto 1 GB.

In-Lab Data Recovery Service to Recover Shift Deleted Files

In-Lab data recovery service requires you to submit the storage media at our data service center for data recovery. This service helps you to recover shift deleted files safely under the guidance of data recovery experts. The experts perform file recovery from your drive in a controlled environment – Class 100 Clean Room Lab. They use propriety tools and equipment to recover your files.

Stellar has an excellent track record of recovering data even in complex data loss situations. Also, Stellar In-Lab service assures 100% recovery of your deleted, lost, and inaccessible files even from mechanically failed drives.


When you delete files using shift + delete keys your files from the Windows system get lost from Recycle Bin & hence cannot be restored from there. However, you can use Windows Previous Versions to recover shift deleted files. If you have created the restore point on your Windows system then You can use Previous Versions.

However, If Previous Versions don’t help, you can use Stellar Data Recovery for Windows to recover files from your Windows system. You can also contact and avail Stellar’s Remote Data Recovery or In-Lab Data Recovery Service.

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