How to Get Activation Key of Stellar Data Recovery for Windows?

This blog explains how to receive the activation key of the new Stellar Data Recovery software available for the Windows platform.

Stellar Data Recovery for Windows, an amazing data saviour. The software comes with complete functionality to recover lost, deleted, or inaccessible data. It can recover data from your Windows PC or removable storage device formatted in NTFS, FAT (FAT, FAT16, FAT32), or exFAT.  Also, the users of the software need to activate it to unleash its full-fledged functionality. Next, we describe the benefits and restraint of an evaluation copy of the software.

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Demo Version of Stellar Data Recovery For Windows

The demonstration version of the software is available from the official website of Stellar Data Recovery. Just click the ‘Free Download’ button to save a copy of its zip file. The demo version is for evaluation and does not offer the entire functionality. Nevertheless, you can unzip the downloaded file and install the software on your PC. Run the do-it-yourself software to interact with its intuitive GUI. Additionally, use the demo software to scan your storage drive wherein you lost your data; once the scan is over, you can preview the recoverable files.

Furthermore, now you know the data recovery strength of the software without any outlay. If the software could list the files that you are looking for, go ahead and activate the software to save the files.  Also, you can even save the scan information to use it once you activate the tool. This avoids wastage of time in scanning the drive all over again from scratch. When satisfied proceed to activate your software all from the demo version itself. You do not need to uninstall and go through the entire download, unzip, and install steps again. We explain the Software activation process next. Watch the video for a quick overview:

When you try to save the recoverable files from an unregistered software, it opens an Activation dialog box. You can also open the same manually from the Activation button present on the top pane of the software’s wizard. Until you activate the software, you cannot save the recoverable files.


Steps to Activate Stellar Recovery for Windows

1: Run Stellar Data Recovery Standard on your Windows PC or Laptop.
Activation Key

2: Click the Activation button present on the top pane of the software

3: An ‘Activation’ window will pop-up.

Activation Key

In the ‘Enter activation key to activate the product’ text box, enter the activation key.

Activation Key - Success


On the ‘Stellar Data Recovery Activated Successfully’ message box, click OK

“In Case you are using Demo Version – Click the ‘Get it now’ button to purchase the software and receive the activation key on your provided email”

Activation Key


Input the key in the ‘Enter activation key to activate the product’ text box and click the Activate button. With the active internet connection, the software will automatically connect to the licensed server to verify the entered key.  Therefore,  for a valid activation key, the software prompts with the ‘Stellar Data Recovery Activated Successfully’ message box; click OK.

“For the invalid key, you will receive the following message. Please note you will only receive the activation key after you purchase the software from the website.”

Activation KeyFinally, if you have purchased the software at the outset via the Buy Now button from the Stellar’s official website. Check the email that you provided at the time of buying to receive an activation key. During the installation, feed the key to activate the software immediately. Now, you have all the functionality to scan, preview, and recover data to your preferred save location.  And Finally, view the recovered files from the location.

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