Get Stellar Data Recovery Activation Key- License

Summary: Stellar Data Recovery for Windows is 100% secure software. You can recover any kind of data, from any storage device, with the cutting-edge technology powering Stellar Data Recovery.

Recover lost, deleted, or inaccessible data from all kinds of Windows storage media with Stellar Data Recovery. If you’ve purchased the premium version of the software, you’ll need to activate it. This blog explains how to get the Stellar data recovery activation key If you’ve accidentally deleted files, this recovery software can recover them. Stellar Data Recovery Software can recover data from Windows PC, laptops, or removable storage devices with NTFS, FAT (FAT, FAT16, FAT32), or exFAT file system. It supports 4k drive recovery. Of course, that’s after you activate your licensed version.

In this post, we discuss the benefits of a licensed version of Stellar Data Recovery for Windows.

Stellar Download

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  1. How to Get Stellar Activation Key Free?
  2. Key Features of Stellar Data Recovery Software for Windows 
  3. How to Receive the Activation Key of Stellar Data Recovery Software?
  4. Steps to activate Stellar Data Recovery Software?
  5. How to upgrade Stellar Data recovery software?


How to Get Stellar Activation Key Free?

The demo version of the software is available from the official website of Stellar Data Recovery. Just click the ‘Free Download’ button to download and install the software on your Windows PC. Run the DIY data recovery software to interact with its intuitive GUI. The trial version is for evaluation and does not offer complete functionality. However, you can use the demo version to scan your storage drive wherein you lost your data. Once the scan is over, you can preview the recoverable files.

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Note: If the software lists all the files that you are looking for, go ahead, and purchase & activate the software to save the recovered files.

Free Data Recovery Up to 1 GB without Activation Key

Wait! You don’t have to pay just yet. After you download Stellar Data Recovery software, you can scan your computer for the deleted files and preview them. And if the files you need to recover are less than 1 GB, then you can recover your data for free. You also won’t need the activation key for deleted data recovery.Stellar Download

Why You Should Not Use Stellar Data Recovery Crack?

The current activation key will not work on old software versions and, we recommend using authentic Stellar data recovery products and avoiding Stellar data recovery software cracks. We, however, suggest users download the latest version of Stellar Data Recovery for Windows

The Disadvantages of Cracked Software 

The general mindset is, “I’m getting the software for free, so why not use it.”

Using cracked software could cause more harm than good. Here are the disadvantages of using Stellar Data Recovery Crack for deleted data recovery.

  • Doesn’t work as intended

If the authentic Stellar Data Recovery has 10 functionalities to it, the cracked version may only have 5. Cracked software always has limitations that make completing the deleted data recovery task frustrating. There’s also a possibility that the software won’t work at all.

  • Have malicious programs

Unless the software is from an authentic service provider, you can’t trust it. Cracked software often has spyware that may cause your data to get corrupted. This will only lead to further losses for you and your business.

  • Download from sketchy websites

Even if the program itself is safe to use, you will have to download Stellar Data Recovery Crack from unauthorized third-party websites. And there’s no telling the type of cookies and even viruses visiting these sites will cause. By getting the authentic Stellar Data Recovery software, you won’t have to visit dodgy websites.

  • Doesn’t come with guidance or support

One of the best parts of using services like Stellar Data Recovery is the extensive support. If you get stuck at any stage, we’re only a call away. Stellar Data Recovery Crack providers do not offer this support.

  • No software updates are available

We often update our software with additional features and functionalities for deleted file recovery. You can’t download the updates if you’re using the Stellar Data Recovery Crack version. Older versions of the software will follow outdated guidelines and standards. So the deleted data recovery may not happen in the safest environment.

  • Precious data is at risk

When the cracked software scans your system for deleted file recovery, it can also access sensitive information. Since laws do not govern cracked software, there is a possibility that your important information, like banking passwords, could get leaked. And you’ll not be able to do anything about it.

  • You can get sued

Pirated and cracked software is illegal to use. You can get sued for this if the software creators decide to take legal action. In India, this could invite a fine between Rs. 50,000 – Rs. 2,00,000. You can also face a jail sentence of up to 3 years. Why take that risk?

  • It can harm other devices on your network

Cracked software is not only harmful to your system. If you’re connected to the same network with other computers, like in an office setting, all the devices could get affected. So in an attempt to save Rs. 20,000, you could lose lakhs.

  • No one is held accountable

There’s a high possibility that unauthorized software could cause harm to your computer. If this does happen, you don’t have the liberty to claim your losses with the cracked software provider. That relationship ends after you’ve downloaded the software.

TIP: Before you activate or close the software, use the ‘Save Scan’ option to save the scan information. You can load this scan information later and resume data recovery without the need to scan your PC or storage media again.

These activation keys will also work on Stellar Data Recovery for Windows v,,,  11.o.o.5, 11.o.o.6 and the latest version v

This saves the time and resources required to scan the drive all over again from scratch. Users can now also download free data recovery for Windows to recover free data up to 1 GB.

Stellar Data Recovery Professional Activation Key

Examples of Stellar activation keys free that are available online are for the Stellar data recovery software’s cracked version. These stellar data recovery cracks are possibly dangerous for your system.

Stellar Data Recovery Activation Key
  • 8XXXX6-5V1CE3-XX1X-3X1XX-2XX6X
  • 9X98X-7X1X5-4X3XX2-XX4X2X-XX4X
  • 7X87-61X4X3-X253X4-XX1X5X-X64X7
  • 7X1X1-7XX6X-X5XX4X-X3X2X-X3X4X

You do not need to uninstall or go through the entire download and installation steps again. We explained the software activation process next. Watch the video for a quick overview of “Get Stellar Data Recovery Activation Key- License”:

NOTE: If the software ‘Activation’ dialog box doesn’t appear, click on the ‘Activation’ button present on the top pane of the software. When you try to save the recoverable files from unregistered software, it opens an ‘Activation’ dialog box. Paste the software activation code that you received on your registered email id and click ‘Activate’.

Key features of Stellar Data Recovery Software for Windows

  • Preview of File formats: With advanced features, Stellar Windows data recovery version offers an improved preview of document files, audio and video files, Archive Files, raw file formats, and many more.
  • Devices Supported: Large sector support including 4K drive, NTFS, ex-FAT, FAT32,  APFS file systems, BitLocker encrypted drives, USB devices, SD cards, memory cards, hard drives (internal/external), and many more.
  • Data Recovery in all logical situations: Software can recover data loss in all logical situations including formatted, deleted, lost, missing partitions, accidental deletion, corruption in the device or file system, virus or malware infection, etc. The software is Windows 11-ready.
  • Interface: The software comes with an easy-to-use interface with a fast scanning engine. This advanced version of Stellar Windows data recovery has added an efficient feature that filters out all unwanted Metafiles from scanning results to get a better experience.

How to Receive Activation Key of Stellar Data Recovery Software?

In case you don’t have the activation key, purchase it by clicking on the “Get it now” button. This opens a web page in your default web browser window.

On the web page, compare and choose the Stellar Data Recovery edition based on your requirements.

Stellar Data Recovery edition

Click ‘Buy Now’; enter your details and checkout using available payment options.

After a successful transaction, you will receive the stellar data recovery activation key on your registered email ID that you entered at the time of the transaction. Then follow these steps to activate the software.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Ensure that the entered email id is correct. In case of any typo or wrong email id, you may not receive the activation key. In such a case, get in touch with our customer support team immediately.

Watch the Video in Hindi: How to Activate Stellar Data Recovery Software?

Steps to Activate Stellar Data Recovery Software

    1. Run the Stellar Data Recovery demo version, if not running already
      Free Download
    2. On the menu bar, click ‘Activation’. An ‘Activation’ dialog box will appear
    3. In the ‘Enter activation key to activate the product’ dialog box, paste the activation key that you received on your registered email
       stellar data recovery activation
    4. After activation, the software displays the‘ Stellar Data Recovery Activated Successfully’ message box. Click ‘OK.
“In case of activation error, as shown in the following screenshot, open the ‘Notepad’ app. Copy the activation code from the email and paste it into the Notepad. Check there’s no extra space before or after the activation code. Copy the code from the Notepad and paste it into the ‘Activation’ box. Click ‘Activate’.”
 stellar data recovery activation

5. Once activated, select the files you wish to recover and click the ‘Recover’ button.

NOTE: In case you need more features such as recovery from lost partitions, photo or video repair options, RAID drive recovery, and support for Linux and Mac drives, you can upgrade the software to unlock more features.

“To load saved scan information, click ‘Resume Scan’ and choose the ‘Save Scan’ info. Click ‘Resume Recovery.’”
 stellar data recovery activation

6. Click on the ‘Browse’ button to choose a save location. Do not select the same drive or volume.
7. Click ‘Start Saving’ to begin saving the selected recovered files at your desired location.

How to Upgrade Stellar Data Recovery Software?

Stellar Windows Data Recovery software now features a one-click upgrade option. This allows you to upgrade the current activated edition of Stellar Data Recovery to a more premium version and unlock more features. Stellar also offers customers to renew the data recovery software of their choice.


1. Is Stellar Data Recovery paid?

There are both paid and free versions of Stellar Data Recovery software. If you need to recover only 1 GB worth of files, you can do it for free with the software.

2. Is Stellar data recovery software safe?

Authentic Stellar Data Recovery software is completely safe to use. There is no malware or adware in the installer. We are a legitimate service provider.

3. Is software the best way to delete file recovery?

You may be able to rely on backups to recover files. But if you’re a person who doesn’t maintain backups, software like Stellar Data Recovery is indispensable.

4. How can I get a license for Stellar Data Recovery Professional for free?

You can get the free demo version of Stellar Data Recovery Professional The full licensed version has to be purchased. Stellar offers 1-month and 1-year license versions of the software.

5. How do I activate Stellar Data Recovery Software?

You’ll get the software activation key on your registered email ID after your payment is processed. The activation key is a 16-digit code. You can copy and paste the code to the activation dialog box. This will fully activate the full version of the software.

6. I entered my activation key and received an error window that said, “Invalid key! Activation failed!” I copied and pasted it correctly. My payment was confirmed. How may I get a new key?

Please ensure the activation key wasn’t copied with any extra spaces. Remove the spaces and paste the activation key again.  To be sure, we recommend that you manually type the activation key. If the problem persists, write to us at support(@) Our team will resolve the activation key issue.

7. I purchased the Stellar Data Recovery Software but the activation button is greyed out. I am unable to activate the software. What should I do?

If the activate button is greyed out, it means the software is already activated. A fully activated version of Stellar Data Recovery Software is already working on your system. If you need any further assistance, you can connect with our customer support team at support(@)

8. When will I receive my Stellar Data Recovery activation code? I have paid for my software and I have received no confirmation. 

We share the software activation key as soon as the payment is confirmed. In case you have not received the key in your email inbox, please check the Spam or Junk folder. If you still can’t find the code, share your transaction ID with our support team.

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