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Stellar Data Recovery for Windows is a reliable data recovery software to recover lost data from formatted, corrupted, and encrypted drives. It is a powerful made in India tool that is compatible with all versions of Windows OS, ensuring up to 100% secure and confidential data recovery. 

It restores unlimited file types in all logical data loss scenarios, like accidental deletion, formatting of the drive, virus and malware attacks, deleted/lost partition, operating system crash, media corruption, etc. In addition, it supports recovery from NTFS, FAT (FAT, FAT16, etc.), or exFAT drives.

Stellar Data Recovery for Windows has the following editions that differ in terms of features and capabilities.

In addition, there is a demo version of the software that users can download for free to evaluate its functionality. 

Stellar Data Recovery for Windows

Exclusive Offer- Enjoy Unlimited Data Recovery for 1 Month @ ₹3,999

  • Get Instant Key
  • Get Service Coupon worth ₹ 1,500
  • Free Technical support

Stellar Data Recovery - Demo Version

This version enables the users to use limited features and functionalities of the software. However, to enjoy comprehensive features and full functionality, the user needs to upgrade to the higher versions.

The free demo version of the Stellar Windows Data Recovery software allows the user to scan the storage media and see the preview of the recoverable files. However, the user needs to purchase the activation key of a higher version of the software to save the recovered files.

Different Editions of Stellar Data Recovery for Windows – A Quick Comparison

For Home/ Individual/ Professional Users

Free Standard Professsional Premium
For Home/ Individual Users For Home/ Individual Users For Professional, SME, MSME Users For Professional, SME, MSME, Computer Repair, Corporate Users

Data Recovery

Data Recovery

  • Recovers deleted and formatted data
  • Restores files from hard drives, USBs, flash drives, and other removable media
  • Undeletes photos from digital camera, SD card, flash drive, etc.
  • Detects and recovers backup, database, and other file types
  • Recovers PST, DBX, NSF, EDB, and other email files
  • Recovers data from BitLocker-encrypted partitions

Standard +Data Recovery

  • Lost partition recovery.
  • Up to 100% recovery through Deep Scan
  • Creates new disk image and recovers data from it
  • Recovers data from RAW hard drive
  • Allows to recover data from damaged optical discs

SMART Drive Monitoring

This utility tracks the temperature, health, and performance of a hard drive and finds bad sectors on the drive

Professional + Video Repair

  • Repairs MOV, MP4, M4V, 3G2, 3GP, F4V, HEIC, CR3, and other video files
  • Repairs multiple corrupt videos in a single click
Photo Repair
  • Repairs corrupt JPEG and other photos
  • Repairs corrupt JPEG/JPG thumbnails

For Technicians and Corporate Users

Technician Toolkit
For Technician / Corporate / AMC Service Provider Companies For Technician / Corporate / AMC Service Provider Companies

Premium + Raid Server Recovery

  • Data recovery from RAID 0, 5, and 6 hard drives
  • Creates virtual RAID when reconstruction fails
Virtual Server/Drive Recovery
  • Recovery of VMDK, VDI, and VHD files

Technician + Mac/Linux Data Recovery

  • Recovers data from APFS/HFS, HFS+ file system drives
  • Recovers data from Ext2 Ext4, Ext3 file system drives

The Pricing Chart of all the Editions of data recovery software price in india for Stellar data recovery for Windows is listed further.

Stellar Free Data Recovery Software

The free data recovery software from stellarenables the users to recover up to 1 GB of files at no cost. The user can scan the media to skim the lost files, view the “Preview” of the listed files, and save these files at the desired location. If the users need to recover data more than 1 GB, they have to buy the activation key of higher software versions.

Recommendation: It is highly recommended to choose a different location, other than the location from where the files were lost, to save the recovered files to avoid overwriting.

Stellar Data Recovery Standard for Windows 

This version comprises the fundamental features of the software that allow the users to recover unlimited files efficiently.

The Standard edition offers flexibility in purchasing its license. The user can buy 1 month or 1 year license according to the requirements and install the software on a single system.

Moreover, the user will also get a free special discount coupon for our professional In-Lab data recovery services, according to the chosen license type.

  • Recovers Unlimited Data - This edition supports recovery of multiple types of data, such as Word documents, PDFs, spreadsheets, PowerPoint, emails, RAR/ZIP files, photos, videos, audio files, etc.
  • Data Recovery from All Storage Devices - It can restore data from all types of storage media, such as internal hard drive, SSD, external hard drives, PC, laptop, memory card, SD card, flash-based drives, digital camera, USB sticks, etc.
  • Restores All Types of File Formats - It supports unlimited file types and formats, such as DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX, PPT, PPTX, RAR, ZIP, EMLX, PST, MSG, EDB, MBOX, JPEG, JPG, TIFF, TIF, BMP, GIF, PNG, AVI, WMV, ASF, MP4, MOV, M4V, 3GP, FLV, M4P, RM, MP3, M3D, CDA, MIDI, etc.
  • Supports Recovery from Formatted and BitLocker-Encrypted Drives - It can efficiently recover data from formatted and password-protected drive partitions. In addition, its module is specifically designed to restore files from BitLocker-encrypted storage media.
  • Retrieves Deleted Emails - It can also recover accidentally deleted emails. It supports PST, DBX, NSF, EDB, and other email files.

Stellar Data Recovery Professional for Windows

This version of the software can recover data from the lost partitions effectively. It also allows the user to restore data from the hard drive with bad sectors, using the “Disk Imaging” feature. Moreover, it has a “SMART Drive Monitoring” feature that monitors the hard drive's health. 

Similar to the Standard version, it is available in 1 month and 1 year license options. The user can choose the desired license and install the software on a single system. 

Besides, the user gets a free Discount Coupon for In-Lab Data Recovery Services, depending upon the license type selected for the Professional version.

The Stellar windows data recovery Professional version has all the features of the Standard version, along with the following additional features.

  • Supports Data Recovery from Lost Partition - The Professional version recovers data from lost or deleted partitions. First, select and then scan the drive for missing partitions. Once the scan is completed, the software will list all the partitions. Next, select the lost partition and recover data from it easily.
  • Recovers Data from RAW Hard Drives - It can retrieve data from inaccessible or RAW drive in a few clicks. It has a “Deep Scan” function that thoroughly scans the drive and recovers every bit of data based on file signature. 
  • Recovers Data from Optical Media - It restores lost or deleted data from all kinds of optical storage media, like CD, DVD, HD DVD, and Blu-ray disks. It can even recover data from corrupt, scratched, or partially burnt optical media. 
  • Advanced Deep Scan Engine - It has a “Deep Scan” feature for comprehensive media scanning. It searches data thoroughly in the drives based on the file signature and helps recover data even from the severely corrupt storage media. 
  • Disk Imaging - This feature enables data recovery from the drives with bad sectors. The user can create the disk image of the drive and restore data from it. The Professional version allows disk imaging for the entire hard disk, partition on the hard disk, or any other storage device, such as external hard drive, pen drive, etc.
  • SMART Drive Monitoring - This feature helps monitor the health, temperature, and performance of hard disk. It also displays the SMART elements, such as Throughput Performance, Reallocated Sector Count, Raw Read Error Rate, Seek Error Rate, etc. It also allows the user to scan the disk to identify the number of bad sectors on it. 

Stellar Data Recovery Premium for Windows

The Premium version of Windows Data Recovery Software recovers data from even non-booting/crashed Windows system. It also repairs corrupt photos and videos with precision and efficacy. 

It also has two license options - 1 month and 1 year. The user can install the software on a single system.  With this edition, the users will also get a free special discount coupon for our professional In-Lab data recovery services, based on the users' license type. 

The Premium version has all the features of the Professional version, along with the following additional feature.

  • Repair Photos and Videos - This feature lets the user repair corrupt photos and videos. At times, the recovered photos or videos are of no use due to corruption. In such a case, the user can use this feature to repair the corrupt multimedia files. 

Stellar Data Recovery Technician for Windows

The Technician version of Windows Data Recovery Software can recover data from lost or formatted RAID logical volumes. This RAID data recovery tool can restore all the data from corrupt, failed, or broken RAID 0, RAID 5, and RAID 6 arrays.

The user can purchase the software’s 1 year license and use it on three systems. The user also gets a free discount coupon for In-Lab data recovery services with this version of the software.

The Technician version has all the features of the Premium version, along with the following additional features.

  • Recovers Data from RAID Server - It has advanced functionality to recover data from RAID 0, RAID 5, and RAID 6 arrays. It supports recovery of all types of files from lost, inaccessible, formatted, corrupt, or broken RAID drives and partitions. Moreover, it also supports both software-based and hardware-based RAID 0, 5, and 6 arrays, without an array controller or any additional hardware/software requirements.
  • Data Recovery through Virtual RAID Construction - This software uses advanced algorithms to identify the RAID parameters automatically. If the parameters are unknown, the software can build the virtual RAID. After the creation of the virtual RAID, you can easily recover the data.
  • Recovers Data from Virtual Server and Virtual Drives - The software allows the user to recover deleted files or lost data from VMware (.vmdk), ORACLE (.vdi), and Microsoft (.vhd) virtual image files. It can even restore data from deleted or unrecognized virtual machine’s volume and from virtual machines lost due to formatting and corruption.

Stellar Data Recovery Toolkit for Windows

It is the most advanced version of Windows Data Recovery Software that supports all the features of the above versions. It is a 4-in-1 software package that supports RAID data recovery, virtual machine recovery, Linux/Mac data recovery, and SMART drive monitoring.

The users can purchase a 1 year license for three systems and leverage the benefits of this amazing software suite. Also, the user gets a free special discount coupon for our professional In-Lab data recovery services with this edition of the software.

The Data Recovery Toolkit has all the features of the Technician version, along with the following additional features.

  • Supports Data Recovery from Mac Storage - It recovers lost or deleted data from Mac storage, including APFS, HFS, and HFS+ drives.
  • Supports Data Recovery from Linux Storage - It supports data recovery from Linux-based storage, having Ext4, Ext3, and Ext2 file systems.

Pricing Chart of Stellar Windows Data Recovery Software Editions

Software Edition Price Number of Systems Supported
Free Free (up to 1 GB)  Single System
Standard 1 Month License - 3999 INR
1 Year License - 4999 INR
Single System
Professional 1 Month License - 4499 INR
1 Year License - 5999 INR
Single System
Premium 1 Month License - 4999 INR
1 Year License - 7999 INR
Single System
Technician 1 Year License - 14,999 INR 3 Systems
Data Recovery Toolkit 1 Year License - 23,599 INR 3 Systems

Leverage some special features of Stellar Data Recovery Software for Windows, such as: 

  • 4K Drive Data Recovery - The Windows Data Recovery Software can also recover data from the latest 4K drives that store the files on large-sized sectors. It can easily scan the storage sectors of 4096 bytes and recover data from them effectively. Further, it supports all brands and models of 4K drives, formatted with FAT32, ExFAT, or NTFS file systems.
  • Add New File Type - If the users can’t find the desired file type in the existing list of supported file formats, they can add a new or custom file format to the list and recover the data successfully. This feature is available in all paid versions of the software.
  • Deep Scan - This application has a “Deep Scan” feature to scan the drive comprehensively. It thoroughly scans the drive and finds out the data based on file signatures. This feature helps to recover data from severely corrupted drives.
  • Enhanced Preview - This utility allows the user to preview the recovered files, which helps verify the files before saving them. All paid versions of the software have this feature.
  • Recovery of Specific Files by File Name and Type - It has a feature that allows the user to recover a particular file using its name or the file type. For example, if a user wants to retrieve a PDF with the name “Statistics Data”, they can recover it using its name or file type, i.e., PDF. It is available in all paid versions of the software.
  • Save Scan and Resume Recovery - This software features a “Save Scan” option that allows the user to save the scan information in DAT file format. The user loads this DAT file and resume the recovery anytime. This feature is available in all paid versions of the software.
  • Dual Monitor Support - The users can run the software on dual-screen systems and perform multiple tasks, without any need to switch or toggle between multiple applications. This ensures effortless recovery without worrying about the process. This feature is integrated with all paid editions of the software.
  • Technical Support - The user will get 24*6 free technical support with all paid versions of the Windows Data Recovery Software.


Stellar Data Recovery for Windows is available in different editions based on the features and functionality. The users can select the software edition based on their requirements and enjoy its abundant features. The users can download the software’s free demo version to evaluate its functionality, before purchasing the licensed version.

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