How to Repair Corrupted Photos with Stellar Repair for Photo?

Summary: This blog covers how to repair corrupted photos using Stellar Repair for Photo Software. In this blog, we will also cover the common reasons behind the corrupted images. To evaluate the capabilities, you can download its free demo version and get a preview of your repair corrupted photos. By using Stellar Repair for Photos you can repair corrupted images. This powerful Photo repair software is free to try.

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There are several complaints of photos getting corrupt, showing errors, turn black or greyed-out, etc. But, the bitter fact is no storage media, be it SD card, flash drive, pen drive, hard drive, or SSD is file corruption or loss proof.

However, The free version is for the evaluation of the corrupted pictures. To unlock the complete functionality, and save the repaired files, buy the software through the secure payment gateway by selecting the buy now option from the below.

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Reasons Behind Corrupted Pictures

“I save photos shot with my DSLR in an external hard drive. Suddenly, I found some of my pictures show an error ‘No Preview Available’ on trying to open. These photos are there on the hard drive for a long time. I think the problem is due to corrupted images. Is there any way to repair damaged pictures and corrupted photos?’”

“I transferred over hundreds of photos from my smartphone to the laptop. But, I was shocked to find many of them have a gray box over them when I view them on the laptop. Why did this happen? How can I repair the greyed-out photos?’”

Your stored photos in any drive or media can get corrupt due to various reasons, such as

  • Computer crashes while saving photos
  • Unexpected shutdown or power cut during transfer
  • Bad sectors on the storage media
  • Physical damage to the media
  • Drive/media in extreme conditions of humidity or heat
  • Virus infection and many others

Whichever is the reason for corrupt images, an advanced tool to repair damaged photos is the only solution to get the corrupt photos in the natural form again.  But however, before trying repair tools try to repair corrupt images by using workarounds.

Workarounds to repair corrupt photos:

  • Change image format: By changing the current file format to a different file format can work.
  • Repair corrupt images by Image editor: Photoshop, Lightroom, Picasa are some editor tools that can fix minor corruption issues by renaming the file with a different name.
  • Try to restore from backup: If you have back up your data which includes the current corrupted picture, then by using the restoration process retrieve your corrupt image.
  • Repair by using HEX editor: HEX editor display raw data of image file. One can easily fix corruption in pictures by HEX Editor.

Why Stellar Repair for Photo software?

Stellar Repair for Photo is advanced software that can fix several types of issues in your photos. Some of them are:

  • Unable to open recovered image files
  • Photos show errors like, ‘Invalid Value for Registry,’ ‘No Preview Available,’ JPEG Error #53, ‘Invalid JPEG marker type,’ ‘Unknown JPEG Format’ errors, etc.
  • Image file displays as gray or a yellow triangle with an exclamation mark
  • Grainy, pixilated, blurry, gray bands, loss of color, random colors, broken, truncated, etc.

Key Features of Stellar Repair for Photo

Stellar Repair for Photos is a secure, quick, and easy to use the software. Its clear-cut and straightforward interface lets even a novice with no technical knowledge repair his or her corrupt photos. The do-it-yourself software repair damaged photos and corrupted images in three simple steps – Add file, Repair, and Save.

  • Repair corrupted JPEG/JPG, TIFF, DNG, and other RAW file formats of popular camera brands like Nikon, Canon, Fuji, Sony, etc.
  • Preview of Repair corrupted JPEG/JPG before saving
  • Repair corrupt photos and multiple photos simultaneously
  • Simultaneously improve hundreds of pictures of same or different format
  • Repairs photos stored in a hard drive, SD card, USB flash drives, etc.
  • Extracts thumbnails of corrupt photos

However, To evaluate the capabilities, you can download its free demo version and preview of your repaired pictures. However, to unlock the complete functionality, and save the repaired files, buy the software through the secure payment gateway.

In Steps: How to Repair Corrupt Photos with Stellar Repair for Photos?

Step 1: Run Stellar Repair for Photo software on your computer (Windows/ Mac)

repair corrupt photos

The primary user interface of Stellar Repair for Photo

Step 2: Click “Add File”. In the dialog box browse to add the corrupt image files

Added corrupt files list

Step 3: Click “Repair” to start the process.

Progress bar of repairing process

Step 4: After the repair process finishes, preview the photos before saving them. Next, click “Save Repaired Files” and save them at the desired location.

repair corrupt photos

Preview the repaired images and save them

Advance Repair for severely corrupt photos

With the help of a corrupted image repair tool, any type of corrupt photo can be repaired. However, If you see an ‘Advance Repair’ option after the repair process, it indicates your photo is severely corrupt. The software directs you to undergo advanced repair and fix the corruption in the image file.
repair corrupt photos

‘Advanced Repair’ option against severely corrupt JPG images

The feature uses the ‘sample file’ to fix the complex corruption. A ‘sample file’ is a correct file of any size shot from the same device as your corrupted picture.


Stellar Repair for Photo is a fast, secure, and reliable tool for your corrupt photos. The software repairs almost all types of corrupt images. You can repair hundreds of photos of different formats in no time.

Irrespective of the camera type, the software fixes the issues in the image files stored in any media. Moreover, it works on RAW file formats of cameras – a rare capability found in any repair tool.

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