Top 5 Methods to Fix “PNG File Not Opening In Windows 10” Error

Summary: Are you unable to open your PNG file? This blog shares some effective methods to help you resolve this issue. If the PNG file is corrupt, you can use photo repair software to repair the corrupt PNG file.

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PNG or Portable Network Graphics file format is one of the well-known photo formats. It is a bitmap image format that uses lossless compression. This file format is generally used to save digital photos, graphics, and images having transparent background.

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Case Scenario:
I can’t open my PNG files on my Windows 10 system. Is there a way that I can open my PNG files?

It’s extremely annoying when your PNG file fails to open. There are multiple reasons behind this issue. Of which, we have mentioned the major ones below:

  • You might be using an outdated Photos app.
  • The PNG file isn’t compatible with the photos app.
  • There is some issue with your Windows 10 photos app.
  • The PNG file is corrupted.

In most of the scenarios, you can try some workarounds to get the issue fixed. But, if the PNG file is corrupt, then it can only be repaired with third-party photo repair software. Let’s discuss the ways to resolve the PNG file not opening issue.

5 Effective Ways to Fix PNG File Not Opening In Windows 10

Here, we will cover 5 ways to help troubleshoot the PNG file not opening issue.

1. Update your Photos App

You might encounter the PNG file not opening error if your photos app, i.e., Windows Photo Viewer is not updated. In that case, you must update it to the latest version. It helps you fix all the bugs and enhances the application performance as well.

Check for the Windows updates. Installing the latest Windows updates automatically updates all its applications. To do so, follow the below steps:

  • Go to “Start” and type “Settings” in the search bar.
  • On the Settings window, navigate to “Update & Security”.
  • Then, select “Windows Update” from the left pane of the window.

Windows Updation

  • Click on “Check for updates”.
  • Check the box near the Photos app icon and click on “Install Updates”.
  • Once the updates are installed, reboot your computer and try opening your PNG file.

2. Convert PNG Format to Another Format

Many times, changing the PNG file to another format can resolve the PNG file not opening issue. By using the MS Paint application of Windows, you can convert the PNG file into another format. Before proceeding, make sure to create a copy of the PNG file and save it at another location. Then, make the changes in the copied file. In case the converted file won’t open or gets damaged, you can still have the original PNG file.

To change PNG file format, follow these steps:

  • Open the PNG file with MS Paint.
  • Select the option “Save as” from the File menu.
  • Then, choose any of the file extensions, like JPEG, BMP, GIF, etc.
  • Save your PNG file.

Now, check whether the converted PNG file is opening.

3. Restore to Default Photos App

If you are using the third-party photos application to open PNG files, switch to the default photos app. The below-listed steps will help you go back to the default photos app:

  • Go to “Start” and type “Settings” in the Search bar.
  • Select “Applications” and then “Default Apps”.
  • Scroll down the window and click on “Reset”.

Restore Photos App

  • This will reset all the default applications of Windows 10 on your system.
  • Reboot your computer and try to open the PNG file.

4. Repair Windows Photo App

To repair the Windows photos app, follow the below-given steps:

  • Go to “Start” and type “Settings” in the Search bar.
  • Select “Applications” and then “Applications and Features”.

Windows Photo App

  • Navigate to the photos application.
  • Click on it and choose “Advanced Options”.
  • Scroll down the window and click on “Repair”.

Restore Photos App

  • Now, try to open the PNG file.

Note: You can also reset the application by clicking on “Reset”. But, it will delete the apps’ data on your PC.

5. Use PNG File Repair Software

If the above-mentioned workarounds did not work, it indicates that the PNG file is corrupt. In that case, you can use a third-party software that can repair PNG photo and help you troubleshoot this error.

One such reliable software is the Stellar Repair for Photo that effortlessly repairs corrupt photos and videos of unlimited formats with just a few clicks. Moreover, it is an all-in-one software that supports data recovery of any file from any storage media.

Follow the below steps to repair the corrupt PNG file using Stellar Repair for Photo.

STEP 1: Download, install, and launch Stellar Photo Repair Software.

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STEP 2: From the Photo Repair wizard, click on “Add File”. Select file from the location where the corrupt PNG file resides.

STEP 3: Once selected, click on “Repair”.

STEP 4: After the repair process is completed, the message prompt appears. Click on “OK”.

STEP 5: Click on the repaired PNG file to see the preview in the right pane of the window.

STEP 6: Finally, click on “Save Repaired Files”.

Now, check if the PNG file not opening issue is resolved.

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Concluding Thoughts

The methods mentioned in this blog will help you resolve the PNG file not opening issue. If the workarounds don’t work for you, it means that your PNG file is corrupt and needs immediate repair. If that’s the case, you can use third-party software, such as Stellar Photo Recovery. It is a reliable tool to repair corrupt PNG files. It has an easy-to-use interface that makes the repair process smooth and streamlined. You can download its trial version and experience its functionality without paying any charges.

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