How to Secure Your Business against a Deadly Downtime

Computer downtime in the business world is an aftereffect of data loss. Sometimes, the challenges posed by data loss are practically impossible to handle making the organization subtly lose its stature in the market. IT professionals believe that a majority of these incidents cause bankruptcy. The cost of data loss depends on the preparedness of the company for the disaster. Even a minor catastrophe can bring you loss of sales if you do not have the potential to recover your assets quickly. This is true for small and mid-size businesses. These companies are more exposed to the risks of a deadly downtime not because of their poor infrastructure technology, but for their inefficiency to plan a disaster recovery solution for their business.

Hard drive failures are to blame for a range of data loss cases. There have been numerous improvements in hard drive technology over the past years. In reality though, modern hard drives do account for data loss due to regular or intermittent failures. A hard drive failure may leave you with two possibilities: you can either recover the lost data or the data has been rendered completely irrecoverable. More than half of these failures do not incur any physical damage to the hard drive. Such types of failures are the outcome of software corruption, operating system bugs, or viruses. As the data can be recovered in-house, the cost of recovery in such cases is generally low.

The cases wherein your hard drive gets damaged physically cannot be resolved without seeking outside help or expertise. For doing such recoveries, you need to send your media to a renowned data recovery service provider. With years of experience and working knowledge of the latest tools and technologies, these companies are able to recover every bit and byte of data stored on your troubled hard drive.

The highly-skilled technological workforce at any renowned data recovery organization continuously strives to build on their existing capabilities. They do rigorous research to bring more technological enhancements to the table. Their CLASS 100 Clean Room labs provide a sterile and dust-free environment for data recovery in physical data loss cases. The recovery specialists open the case of your hard drive in this Clean Room environment and test your media for all potential problems. They give you an estimate of the overall cost that would be incurred in the process. In a majority of cases, they are able to offer 100% success rate.

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