The Widespread Use of CCTV DVR and Need for Its Recovery Services

These days, the prevalence of Closed-Circuit Television – Digital Video Recorders (CCTV DVR) is not just high in the highly developed nations such as the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada, but also across the globe in nearly all countries. Invented around the 1940s, their use has increased tremendously, and are widely used for purposes such as the prevention of crimes, in industrial processes, traffic monitoring, control of retail, transport safety, etc.

They are also installed in schools, colleges, market place, offices, hospitals, banks, and other public places for security reasons. Also, people install it in their houses for home security. There are several other uses and applications so as to record and store information in the form of videos. The stored information can be accessed and viewed anytime later for investigation purpose if required.

CCTV DVR Footage Recovery

Nevertheless, there are times when the recorded videos get inaccessible leading to disruption in the inquiry process. Well! There can be a multitude of reasons for the loss of recorded videos, and you can face such circumstances, no matter which CCTV camera with DVR are you using for security and surveillance. Such situations give rise to CCTV DVR Footage Recovery so that access to information that is stored as recorded videos can be regained.

Know how of CCTV DVR Device

Also common as video surveillance system that incorporates DVR, CCTV DVR is nothing but a technologically improved version of CCTV camera. It is with the embedded video recording device that any CCTV DVR from different manufacturers possess the ability to record, store and display videos of the sites wherever they are installed and configured. Additionally, it is the ‘Email Alerts’ and ‘Motion Detection’ feature along with several others that make it an advanced security system.

Moreover, it possesses the ability to record videos for years and can be played at any time when it is required to look into the details of the actions captured at the time of certain prohibited activity performed. These recorded videos can be used by police and other investigative agencies to identify and reach to the criminals who might have involved in criminal activities in the past. In this way, CCTV DVR makes it easy for the law enforcement organizations to punish the guilty and do justice to the victims.

Reasons for Loss of CCTV Footage

The causes that usually lead to loss of CCTV footage recorded by the digital video recorder are simply many. Out of all the reasons, some can be prevented easily while the others cannot. Have a glance at some of them here that gives rise to the need of CCTV DVR Footage Recovery!

  • Accidental Deletion of CCTV Footage – One of the most common cause for loss of CCTV footage is nothing but accidentally deleted videos. It is a very common mistake made by humans that raise the need for deleted CCTV video recovery.
  • CCTV Hard Disk Disaster – Another significant cause is a failed CCTV hard disk, either physically or logically. Hard disk drives are used to store recorded videos in CCTV camera, and when it fails there is a loss of all recorded footage.
  • Failed CCTV DVR Systems – Some CCTV DVR systems configured at places such as a military area, on roads, and other public places are continuously exposed to sun rays, dirt, rain, smoke, water, and other natural elements in the atmosphere. Long exposure to such harsh conditions contribute to CCTV DVR failure, and hence loss of recorded footage.
  • Overheated Processing Chips in CCTV – Due to continuous use of the CCTV DVR systems, the processing chips embedded in them get heated beyond the safety range, ultimately damaging the recording system.
    Also, sudden power failure, corrupt firmware on the drives of the hard disks, fire in the CCTV systems itself, corruption in hard drives due to attack by viruses and other malware, mechanical problems, formatted hard drives, unknown file formats of the videos are the causes of loss or inaccessibility of CCTV footage. All these necessitate executing either right DVR CCTV video recovery software and services.

One of the esteemed CCTV/DVR Data Recovery service providers is Stellar Data Recovery. It has several data recovery centers across the country that help people to recover lost or inaccessible CCTV footage regardless of the cause of loss or deleted. With Class 100 Clean Room data recovery lab and experienced and knowledgeable professionals it has become the No. 1 company in delighting users with its data recovery services. Indeed, all its services are extraordinary giving your data back exactly in the same format as they are before the loss.

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