When We Need Data Recovery Services?

Data has its importance, and so does data recovery services. Professionals who are experts in data recovery services play a significant role by recovering data when it becomes inaccessible. The reason being, it is a way out to recover your lost or accidentally deleted data from storage media. Moreover, the various types of digital storage media such as hard drive, RAID servers, laptop, desktop, etc. which is used nowadays to store data are not immune to corruption issues. Any physical damage caused to these data stores can lead to inaccessibility of data. Logical damage to the file system that averts it from being mounted by the host operating system (OS) also causes data loss. To avoid such a situation of data loss disaster where there’s no access to data, it becomes necessary for you to obtain data recovery services irrespective of the cause.

Awareness About Data Recovery

In computing, data recovery is but a process to recover inaccessible data from corrupted or damaged storage media, or when the data is lost or accidentally deleted. As data is stored on data stores, data is recovered from these storage entities by one or the other way. Data stores can be hard disk drives HDDs (both internal and external), solid-state drives (SSDs), removable drives such as magnetic tapes, USB flash drive, CDs, DVDs, RAID servers, and other electronic media. An excellent data recovery service ensures intact recovery of all kinds of multimedia data: text, images, audio, and video.

Worst Case Scenarios for Data Recovery Services

  • OS failure, malfunction of storage entities, damage of storage media and accidental deletion of data (typically on a single drive, single OS, single partition) is the most common scenario for data recovery that you can meet. Here, the task is copying the data files to another drive. You can easily achieve this by using Live CD, many of which offer means for mounting the system drive and backup drives or removable media, and for you to move the files from the system drive to the backup media with an optical disc software or file manager. You can improve such circumstances by partitioning the disk, and regularly storing valuable data files, or save their copies on a different partition from the OS system files that are replaceable.
  • Drive-level failure, such as a compromised drive partition or file system, or a hard disk drive failure is the second likely kind of data recovery scenario that you may come across. Here, you cannot correctly read data. Resolutions involve repairing the file system, Master Boot Record (MBR) or partition table, or drive recovery methods that range from hardware and software recovery of corrupt service areas (also known as the firmware of hard disk drive), software-based recovery of damaged data to hardware replacement on a physically damaged disk. However, if the drive has failed permanently, your focus should be on one-time recovery, recovering all those data that are readable.
  • Another frequent scenario for data recovery involves deletion of files from a storage medium. The contents of deleted files are not removed from the drive immediately. Only references to them in the directory gets removed, and the resultant space they had occupied is made available for overwriting data, at some time later. Technically, data on original files do exist on the drive, often in a multitude of disconnected fragments and may be recoverable.

Data Recovery Service to Avert Data Loss Disaster

Data recovery service varies depending on the cause for inaccessibility of data. Data can be inaccessible due to physical or logical damage of storage media, or its deletion. Remote data recovery forms the basis of data recovery service for logical damage such as corrupt partitions, corrupt file systems, media errors, etc. of the storage media. Hardware repair forms the basis of data recovery service for physical damage caused to storage media. In general, the four chief phases of data recovery service for both physical and logical corruption are:

  • Repair of hard disk drives
  • Imaging drives to new drives or a disk image file
  • Logical recovery of data files, partition, MBR, and file system structures
  • Repair of damaged files that have been retrieved

Stellar Data Recovery offers various data recovery services. They can be broadly classified into three parts – hard disk data recovery, server data recovery, and other data recovery services. They include E-Mail Recovery, File Recovery, SSD Recovery, Photo Recovery, iPad Recovery, iPhone Recovery, Tally Data Recovery, SD/Memory Card Recovery, Photo Recovery, Mobile Recovery, CCTV Footage Recovery, and CTB Locker Virus Recovery. All the recovery services are delivered on time and have a high success rate. Consequently, you can obtain any of the data recovery services from either of the various data recovery centers that the company has in all parts of India.

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