Professional Data Recovery Service Provider is the Wise Answer to Safe Recovery in Cases of RAID Failure

With advancement in technology, there has been significant improvement in case of data storage devices and RAID is an example of such development. The acronym RAID stands for ‘Redundant Array of Independent Disks’. RAID is an innovative technology to build a fault tolerant system by attaching multiple hard disk drives together. The data storage and retrieval process in the RAID array are managed by a controller chip, called the RAID controller. In spite of the advanced technology, there are many situations, when the RAID array fails and all the business critical data in the array becomes completely inaccessible. However, you can take the help of any reliable RAID recovery service provider to recover your data back.

These days, almost every organization is implementing RAID behind their servers. Indeed, with RAID, organizations have gained immense storage space as well as safe storage. There are different RAID levels, depending upon the number of drives and data distribution pattern. Among various RAID levels, RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 2, RAID 3, RAID 4, RAID 5 are considered as simple RAID levels, whereas RAID 6, RAID ADG, RAID 5EE and so on  are known to be the complex ones.

In case of RAID level 5 or above, if one disk fails, you can easily rebuild the array by replacing the troubled drive with a new one. But, if there is a failure of multiple disks simultaneously, then the problem can be dangerous up to such an extent that the data in the entire RAID array may get lost for ever.

In case of RAID failure, many users start rebuilding data, without properly verifying the health status of all the other drives in the array. This mistake leads to more serious problems and one of the prominent reasons behind data loss. Also, in case there is a second hard drive failure during the rebuilding process, users still keep on rebuilding, which causes severe loss of data. Finally the rebuilding fails in the middle and the RAID array stops responding.

RAID recovery is a systematic process and needs expertise as well as experience. Moreover, if the RAID drives have got physically damaged, the drives needed to be repaired inside CLASS 100 Clean Room labs for safe recovery. Hence, in case of RAID failures, it is always advisable to hand over the job to a RAID data recovery professional rather risking your business critical data by doing it yourself or through any inexperienced service provider.

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