How Long Does the Hard Disk Drive Survive?

Can you predict the life of your newly purchased hard drive? No right? Even the manufacturer can’t give guaranty of any hard drive failure. At times, hard drive gives us tough time and becomes complex to manage. However, on the other hand you can’t deny the fact that it helps us manage our large and crucial information and is a reason of computer globalization. Each of the new storage technology is dependent upon the hard drive capacity & efficiency, cloud storage the most recent example of it.

Earlier Hard drive failure was very common, but along with the latest advancements the disasters become less frequent. According to the latest research a popular data storage company named Black blaze has decided to test the reliability their own hard drives, which were used for cloud storage services. To show the average reliability a hard drive the company kept up to 25,000 hard drives constantly online for the last four years. They have noted each drive failure, and have replaced the slot with the new one. After four years of analysis, Back blaze came out with some amazing data and graphs that detail the failure rate of hard drives over the first four years of their life.

According to the four years long analysis Black blaze concluded that hard drive failure can be divided into three distinct failures or can say phase. The first phase lasts for 1.5 years, in this phase the annual failure rate is 5.1%. The second phase extends for next 1.5 years, where the annual failure rate drops to 1.4% annually. And the third phase includes next three years, where the failure rate explodes to 11.8% per year. These statistics concluded that around 92% of hard drives survive the first 18 months, and among them around 90% reach to three years.

In short, these figures determine that fewer than 80% of the hard drives will surely complete their fourth year. According to other researches also found that the failure rate of a hard drive is always around 12% per year, which means around 50% of hard drives survive complete their six years of survival.

Usually manufacturing Defect is the primary cause of drive failure, it is also named as ‘lemon effect’. This is the reason why most of your drive lives for long, or die just after a few months. In short, the chances of your hard drive death in the first three years are just 1 out of 10 and after that the failure chances depends upon the usage and environment.

The overall outcome of this write up is that the average life of a hard drive is 3 years, after which the chances of failure increase a lot. Therefore, it is better to initiate backing up your important data after 3 years of hard drive life as the failure may destroy a large number of important files. Moreover, also include hard drive replacement into your final budget at least in every four years for most of the devices. According to the above analysis you should built 10% equipment-replacement expense over in the first years and then again initiate it in the third year.

6 thoughts on “How Long Does the Hard Disk Drive Survive?

  1. The OS of my computer is crashed and when I was trying to reinstall the windows 7 it is showing that windows cannot install the drive may fail soon.

    1. Hi Rohit,
      Don’t worry!! It is not any hardware issue and these problem can be solved. Some application may changed your hard drive to a dynamic drive.

      1. In the situation, Delete all your partitions and recreate and reformat your hard drive, But if you have any important data on your hard drive that you don’t want to loose. Then follow the step given below:

      Boot your system from LIVE mode, not the installing mode. With booting in live mode, you can access your drive and files. Copy data to removable storage such as external hard drive, usb flash drive, etc.
      Now You can perform Step 1.
      ~~ Thanks !!

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