Get Expert Data Recovery Services for Salvaging Data from Severely Damaged Storage Media

With every purchase and installation of servers, the service providers suggest you to keep a disaster recovery plan in place. You may not know when your RAID server or SAN/NAS data storage boxes attached to the application servers would fail and cause complete inaccessibility of precious data. That is why it is suggested to plan proper data recovery options way ahead of a possible data disaster. As server downtime is another extremely critical aspect for industries, Stellar Data Recovery has developed many new-age data recovery service techniques that ensure recovery within minimum turnaround time.

No organization wants to lose its mission-critical data to any type of disaster or catastrophe. Though some industries are severely criticized for their negligence and poor server maintenance, there are many with proper data safety measures in place. Unfortunately, even the organizations with remarkable data safety measures also encounter incidents of data loss or inaccessibility. This is because you can never predict the electrical/mechanical/firmware failure of your RAID drives or NAS/SAN data storage boxes.

Not only drive failures, but damage to data servers from natural disasters (such as fire, flood, storm or earthquake) is certainly impossible to prevent. In this context, almost all organizations encounter incidents of data loss at some point of time. However, with the help of a professional data recovery service provider, it is possible to recover data from a burnt, broken or damaged storage media.

Here, it is important to note that when the storage device has become physically damaged, it falls beyond the recovery scope of any data recovery software. Data from a physically damaged drive needs to be analyzed and recovered through an experienced professional within a specially maintained CLASS 100 Clean Room Lab. It is a serious caution for all that if the physically damaged media is treated in ordinary environment, there is ample chance of further damage to the media causing permanent data loss

With industry presence since 1993, Stellar has been successfully recovering lost data from almost any instance of physical data loss. Stellar with its skilled data recovery experts, innovative techniques, and all necessary infrastructures (like CLASS 100 Clean Room labs), ensures up to 100% recovery of your lost or inaccessible data

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