Tampering with Damaged Hard Drives could lead you to Irrevocable Data Loss

There are thousands of users and organizations that lose their data only due to hard drive failures. Hard drive failures have become a kind of commonplace in the business world and are a major reason for frustration. Human errors, software defects, and system crashes are known to cause hard drive failures. These are the only factors that are to blame for any data loss disaster. However, in reality, we are the culprits responsible for this damage. The steps undertaken immediately after the disaster decide how much data can be recovered from these failed drives. Generally, users attempt to tamper with their troubled drives. When it comes to businesses, they might choose an inefficient service provider in a frenzy to get back all mission-critical data. This can have negative implications for both users and business organizations. Described below are few resolution steps users naturally apply on to their damaged or corrupt hard drives with a view to getting that back to work. However,

In the event that a hard drive fails, a user would probably think of alternatives to get his precious data back. But his non-professional attempts may cause further damage to the drive reducing the chances of a successful recovery. Mentioned below are the common mistakes done post hard drive failure:

  • Trying to reboot from the same drive that recently failed.
  • Running a file system repair utility (such as chkdsk) in case the OS is able to read the drive.
  • Opening the case of the hard drive to examine the nuts and bolts of the problem.
  • Using a recovery software to read data from bad sectors on the drive.
  • Replacing the PCB of your failed drive with that of a healthy drive.

These actions would lead you to irrevocable data loss. In such situations, the owner would probably lose all his personal or private information, such as photos, music, documents, and more.

An episode of data loss always incurs the cost of data recovery. In an attempt to seek outside expertise for recovery, a few organizations send their failed hard drives to inept data recovery companies. These companies lack skilled engineers, state-of-the-art infrastructure, and advanced data recovery tools. They can tamper with your damaged hard drive to make matters worse. You should judge the capabilities of your service provider before handing over these assets to them. A professional data recovery company has years of expertise in performing such complex recoveries. They can assure you high rate of success in all cases of physical data loss.

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