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Handy Tools which will help you to recover your lost data from Hard Drive

Data loss is typical, and this sentence has been repeated multiple times, warning users the insubstantiality of data. The best defence against data loss is to take a backup, while we understand data loss sneaks right up.

We lose essential data; sometimes by our ignorance and sometimes accidentally, which we can't avoid. Irrespective of data loss, most of the times we want to recover our data at any cost.

In some cases, data loss problem is very simple, and one can recover data quickly without any help from data recovery professionals. But sometimes data loss is very complex and complicated, and you need professional assistance to retrieve your data.

We are listing here some handy HDD recovery tools, which will help you in recovering data on your own:

Hard Drive Data Recovery Toolkit - For Simple Data Loss Cases (Logical Recovery)

In simple data loss cases, you can recover data on your own. DO IT YOURSELF (DIY) approach is best and cost-effective in simple data loss cases. All you need is professional data recovery software. A data recovery software will help you in recovering data from the following scenarios:

  • Deleted Data
  • Formatted Data
  • Corrupted Data
  • Partition recovery
  • Encrypted data recovery
  • Data Recovery from a hard drive having bad sectors

If the hard drive is detecting in a system, irrespective of data loss scenario, in most of the cases data can be recovered with the help of software. Stellar has a hard drive recovery toolkit - A set of professional data recovery software. You can compare all software versions, and decide to choose any of them depending on your need.

Also check a comprehensive guide on "How to Recover Deleted files" ?.

Stellar Data Recovery for Windows

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Top Rated Data Recovery Software by Stellar for Recovering Data from Hard Drives

Stellar Data Recovery Standard

This is the primary version of Windows Data Recovery Software. You do not need to be a technical wizard to recover data from your hard drive. This software can retrieve unlimited data for you and has helped millions of user across the globe to restore the files on their windows system.

It can recover your data with ease from any external & internal hard drives, USB drives, SD cards etc. It comes with lifetime validity and can help provide unlimited data recovery.

Some features of the software are:

  • It recovers from inaccessible partitions and volumes
  • It can easily recover from hard drives having multiple bad sectors.
  • For severely corrupted hard drives it offers advanced search options.
  • Recovers all file types (Word Documents, Photos, Emails, Videos & more)
  • Recovers data from Hard Drives, SSD, SD cards, Flash drives & other storage media options.
  • Easily Recovers Data from hard drives having bad sectors
  • The software has on Drive Monitor utility to tracks key hard drive attributes

Note: We recommend this software for Professional users like Computer repair shops.( Available for both Mac & Windows OS)

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Stellar Data Recovery Professional

Upgrade to Windows Data Recovery - Professional is even better, offers most of the features of Home version & additional functionality to create a disk image, raw data recovery from hard drives, CD/DVD data recovery and advanced saving options. Windows Data Recovery - Professional can easily help to recover data from missing/corrupted partitions and encrypted storage drives.

The software recovers data from inaccessible hard drives/Corrupted hard drives/Formatted hard drives.

  • Recovers Office document, PPT & Archive Files
  • Recovers from encrypted hard drive
  • Supports multiple file types from any storage device
  • The software has Quick Scan & Deep Scan options.
  • Upgrade to higher version of the software.
  • 100 % Safe to Use

Note: We recommend this software for individual users, students etc. (Available for windows OS)

Need Help with software activation- Read how to activate stellar data recovery for windows software?

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Stellar Data Recovery Premium

This software offers extensive capability of data recovery along with specialized modules to repair corrupt photos and videos. Stellar data recovery premium software recovers lost and deleted data from all windows and storage devices.

Some features of the software

  1. Does data recovery from lost, deleted and inaccessible partitions
  2. Repairs corrupt photos and videos
  3. Offer Smart drive Monitor with disk imaging & cloning
  4. With Deep and Quick Scan for up to 100% data recovery
  5. Data recovery from encrypted hard drives.
  6. Upgrade to higher version

Note: We recommend this software for professional users. (Available for both Mac and windows OS)

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Stellar Data Recovery Technician

Windows Data Recovery - Technician can restore all your data with an interface anyone can use. This version works for RAID hard drives, fully capable of recovering data from failed RAID 0, 1, 5, 6, 0+1 and 1E hard drives. The tools is laced with advanced features for retrieving data for your RAID hard drives. This professional RAID recovery tool can restore data from partition loss/damage, lost/missing volumes.

Some Salient Features of Windows Data Recovery - Technician

  1. Creates Virtual RAID in case RAID construction fails
  2. Help to recover from lost or missing RAID volumes.
  3. Create an image of the hard drive.
  4. Offers resume recovery that enables to recover data when desired
  5. Recovers from RAID 0, 1, 5, 6, 0+1 and 1E

Note: Recommended for IT professionals, IT managers; cases where you need to recover data from many systems with different configurations, and high-end servers.

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Stellar Data Recovery Toolkit (Most Recommended)

Stellar Toolkit for Data Recovery is a complete package for all technicians to recover data from hard drives and removable drives. The toolkit provides option to create an image of your hard drive, this image file can be used to recover lost data, when the hard drive is not accessible. Also, helpful when the drive has lot of bad sectors.

Listed are the top features of the Stellar Data Recovery Toolkit

  1. Scans multiple file system (NTFS, FAT, FAT16, FAT32 and ExFAT)
  2. Supports search of specific types of file. Supports search of folder for lost & deleted data.
  3. Preview of file before recovery
  4. RAW recovery of volumes and hard drives to search data based on signatures
  5. Recovers data from accidently deleted volumes, formatted volumes etc.
  6. Resume recovery option to recover data on later stage
  7. The users can create image of hard drive and volumes for recovery
  8. Supports Linux and Macintosh file systems

Note: We recommend this software for Technician, Office Support, etc.

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All of our software's come with 100% Money Back Guarantee.


Stellar Toolkits

We offer toolkits for DBA, Exchange Administrators etc. These toolkits are combination of 4-5 powerful software to provide solutions for file repair, outlook management, and exchange servers.

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Stellar Toolkit for Exchange

Designed for repairing and restoring EBD files, and for converting EDB & OST files to PST. What do you get in this exchange repair toolkit?

  • Stellar Repair for Exchange
  • Stellar Mailbox Extractor for Exchange Backup
  • Stellar Mailbox Extractor for Exchange Server
  • Stellar Password Recovery for MS Exchange
  • Stellar Converter for OST
  • Support Exchange 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, 2000, 5.5
  • Support Office 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, 2002(XP), 2000

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* Download the free trial version to scan & preview your recoverable mailboxes.


Stellar Toolkit for File Repair

Helps to resolve all types of file corruption related error in MS office suite. This file repair toolkit comprises of the following softwares-

  • Stellar Repair for Excel
  • Stellar Repair for Word
  • Stellar Repair for PowerPoint
  • Stellar Repair for PDF

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* Free download to scan and preview your lost or deleted data.


Stellar Toolkit for Outlook

The outlook toolkit has been designed to manage Outlook PST file from a single console. This outlook toolkit comprises 8 best suited tools for managing outlook profile

  • Stellar Converter for OST
  • Stellar Converter for OST - Technician
  • Stellar Repair for Outlook - Technician
  • Stellar Merge Mailbox for Outlook
  • Stellar Splitter for Outlook
  • Stellar Compactor for Outlook
  • Stellar Deduplicator for Outlook
  • Stellar Password Recovery for Outlook
  • Stellar Undelete Email for Outlook

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* The Free Demo version of Stellar Toolkit for Outlook only works with limited functionalities.


Stellar Toolkit for MS SQL

This toolkit has been designed for SQL server administrators to help them with corrupt and damaged SQL files. This MS SQL repair toolkit offers combination of following 3 SQL database tools.

  • Stellar Repair for MS SQL - Technician
  • Stellar Backup Extractor for MS SQL
  • Stellar Password Recovery for MS SQL

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* Free download to repair & preview recoverable SQL server database objects.


Stellar Toolkit for Enterprise

Specially created for Enterprises that deal with data loss and file corruption issues. This powerful tool kit is a must for Enterprise and minimize their data loss and corruption cases. The users will get the following software in our enterprise toolkit:

  • Stellar Toolkit for Data Recovery
  • Stellar Toolkit for Outlook
  • Stellar Toolkit for File Repair

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