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Handy Tools which will help you to recover your lost data from Hard Drive

Data loss is typical, and this sentence has been repeated multiple times, warning users the insubstantiality of data. The best defence against data loss is to take a backup, while we understand data loss sneaks right up.

We lose essential data; sometimes by our ignorance and sometimes accidentally, which we can't avoid. Irrespective of data loss, most of the times we want to recover our data at any cost.

In some cases, data loss problem is very simple, and one can recover data quickly without any help from data recovery professionals. But sometimes data loss is very complex and complicated, and you need professional assistance to retrieve your data.

We are listing here some handy HDD recovery tools, which will help you in recovering data on your own:

Hard Drive Data Recovery Toolkit - For Simple Data Loss Cases (Logical Recovery)

In simple data loss cases, you can recover data on your own. DO IT YOURSELF (DIY) approach is best and cost effective in simple data loss cases. All you need is a professional data recovery software. A data recovery software will help you in recovering data from following scenarios:

  • Deleted Data
  • Formatted Data
  • Corrupted Data
  • Virus infected data
  • Partition recovery
  • Data Recovery from a hard drive having bad sectors

So in general, when the hard drive is detecting in a system, irrespective of data loss scenario, in most of the cases data can be recovered with the help of software.

Stellar has external hard drive recovery toolkit - A set of professional data recovery software. You can compare all software versions, and decide to choose any of them depending on your need.

Also check a comprehensive guide on "How to Recover Deleted files?".

Top Rated Data Recovery Software by Stellar for Recovering Data from Hard Drives

Windows Data Recovery - Home

Windows Data Recovery - Standard

This is the primary version of Windows Data Recovery Software. You do not need to be a technical wizard to recover data from your hard drive. This software can retrieve unlimited data for you and has helped millions of user across the globe to restore the files on their windows system.

It can recover your data with ease from any external & internal hard drives, USB drives, SD cards etc. It comes with lifetime validity and can help provide unlimited data recovery.

  • The software recovers data from inaccessible hard drives/Corrupted hard drives/Formatted hard drives.
  • Recovers Office document, PPT & Archive Files
  • Supports multiple file types from any storage device
  • The software has Quick Scan & Deep Scan options.
  • 100 % Safe to Use

Note: We recommend this software for individual users, students etc..

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Windows Data Recovery - Professional

Windows Data Recovery - Professional

Upgrade to Windows Data Recovery - Professional is even better, offers most of the features of Home version & additional functionality to create a disk image, raw recovery from hard drives, CD/DVD data recovery and advanced saving options. Windows Data Recovery - Professional can easily help to recover data from missing/corrupted partitions and every virus infected hard drive.

Some features of the software are:

  • It recovers from inaccessible partitions and volumes
  • It can easily recover from hard drives having multiple bad sectors.
  • For severely corrupted hard drives it offers advanced search options.
  • Recovers all file types (Word Documents, Photos, Emails, Videos & more)
  • Recovers data from Hard Drives, SSD, SD cards, Flash drives & other storage media options.
  • Easily Recovers Data from Hard Drives having Bad Sectors

Note: We recommend this software for Professional users like Computer repair shops.

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Windows Data Recovery - Technician

Windows Data Recovery - Technician

Windows Data Recovery - Technician can restore all your data with an interface anyone can use. This version works for RAID hard drives, fully capable of recovering data from failed RAID 0, 1, 5, 6, 0+1 and 1E hard drives. The tools is laced with advanced features for retrieving data for your RAID hard drives. This professional RAID recovery tool can restore data from partition loss/damage, lost/missing volumes.

Some Salient Features of Windows Data Recovery - Technician

  • Creates Virtual RAID in case RAID construction fails
  • Help to recover from lost or missing RAID volumes.
  • Create an image of the hard drive.
  • Offers resume recovery that enables to recover data when desired
  • Recovers from RAID 0, 1, 5, 6, 0+1 and 1E

Note: Recommended for IT professionals, IT managers; cases where you need to recover data from many systems with different configurations, and high-end servers.

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All of our software's come with 100% Money Back Guarantee.

Hard Drive Data Recovery Toolkit - For Complex Data Loss Cases (Physically damaged Internal/External Hard drives tools)

In data recovery terminology, we classify physically damaged drives (internal/external) as complex data loss situations, and in such cases, you cannot recover data with the help of any of the software's listed above. If facing data loss because of a physically damaged hard drive, you need help professional data recovery services providers.

A physically damaged hard drive needs to be operated in CLASS 100 CLEAN ROOM. Any hard drive which is physically damaged and is operated in CLASS 100 CLEAN ROOM has the best chance of getting data back. Any hard drive operated/opened outside CLASS CLEAN ROOM, makes it a high-risk activity and rendering the drive tempered, in process jeopardizing data recovery. Specialized HDD recovery tools are mandatory for successful recovery of data.

Here is a list of checkpoints required to recover data from the physically damaged hard drive:


A Class 100 CLEAN ROOM is a controlled environment where pollutants such as dust, chemical vapours, airborne microbes, etc. are at a considerably low level.

  • A class 100 clean room has less than 100 dust particles of size 0.5 microns per cubic foot of air as against a typical air-conditioned office building containing 5,00,000 to 10,00,000 particles per cubic foot air.
  • An ISO certified class 100 clean room has an advanced temperature, humidity, pressure, and contaminant controlled environment.
  • A class 100 clean room is mandatory for opening all damaged hard drives and other storage media devices.
Hard Drives Spare Transplantation
Hard Drives Spare Transplantation

2. Hard Drive Spares - Tools to Repair Hard drive
Professional data recovery companies have a huge hard drive spare inventory, which helps them to repair the hard drives. The experts make the hard drive functional temporarily by removing faulty parts and replacing them with spares available in their inventory. This is a very complicated job, and it requires accuracy and precision; any failed attempt here may lead to permanent data loss.

Spare inventory lab contains:

  • Huge inventory of 30,000+ different hard drives; which acts as ready donor for spare transplants
  • Professional engineers who perform the spare transplantations
  • Special tools to open hard drives and to perform transplantation

Note: Spare transplantation is a very complex job and only experts should perform this task. If this task is not done precisely this may lead to permanent data loss.

Read more here, How Data is recovered in a Professional Data Recovery centre.

3. Professional Data Recovery Software
There is 100% requirement of a professional data recovery software in hard drive data recovery toolkit. Once the faulty hard drive is made functional by doing spare transplantation, the experts scan the hard drives by using a Stellar's proprietary data recovery software.

Cleaning platters
Cleaning platters

4. Tool to Clean Hard Drive Heads and Platters
Often water damage can lead to hard drive contamination. One needs to open the hard drive and clean the platters. To open a hard drive, one needs a particular set of screwdrivers. Cleaning platters are very tricky and tedious process. The data on the hard drive is stored on the platter and to clean the platters one needs to have expertise. Any mishandling can lead to permanent data loss. Only trained and professional expertise will be able to clean the hard disk platters with minimum damage to it.

For different contamination situation on hard drive platter, there are different methods of platter cleaning. Sometimes you have to do dry cleaning the platters, sometime, you have to apply a particular liquid on platters to clean dust particles. Also, there are some special tools which are specially designed to clean platters safely without further damaging the platters.

To operate and recover data from physically damaged hard drive; a considerable undertaking of infrastructure cost is required. And only a professional data recovery experts should handle such complicated cases, as they have the environment, tools, techniques and experts that help recover data from any complicated situations. We strictly recommend users to let the professional data recovery providers handle cases of physical hard drive damage.

You can recover data from logical data loss cases on your own, with the help of professional data recovery software's mentioned above. We strictly recommend users to let the professional data recovery providers handle cases of physical hard drive damage.

One such professional data recovery provider is Stellar Data Recovery, in business since 1993, has helped customers recover data from physically damaged hard drive. Not only physical cases, but our software's have also helped millions of customers across the globe for logical cases.

Stellar can assist you in providing all instruments required to recover data from hard drive. We have some readymade solutions which can work as your handy Hard Drive Data Recovery Toolkit.

For any assistance on data recovery service speak to us at 1800 102 3232 or contact any of our data recovery centres today.

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