Researchers have developed super disc with 360 TB capacity that can store data for over 1 million

As of now, Blu-ray discs have dominated the digital storage arena as the primary disc-storage media. These supposedly high capacity discs are soon going to be replaced by unimaginably gigantic storage media. This is not all; to add to the fact, the new disc under discussion will have 1 million years of storage life. As if, our predecessors will hardly ever drill down to the centre of the earth to discover details about us.

In a joint effort by the researchers at the Optoelectronics Research Center (ORC), University of Southampton and the Eindhoven’s University of Technology, the team is going to create a glass disc that can store 360 TB (368640 GB) of data for more than 1 million years.

Let us peek into the other details of this super disc. Made of specific glass-like material, which is made from nanostructures and fused quartz. This material has a unique property of withstanding 1832 degrees Fahrenheit temperature. Data can be written on to the medium using a femtosecond laser, and once the data has been written, the disc can save it for more than a million years.

The high capacity of data storage is attained with the disc because of the writing technology that comes with shooting rapid light pulses on to this glass disc in the form of nanostructured dots. There are three layers spaced just 5-micrometers apart from each other.

The future of data storage is impregnated with lots of opportunity and with technology like this one; it is hardly likely to lose any data ever; not once even in a million years. However, the commercialization of this technology becomes the major challenge.

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