Server Failure? Do Not Delay and Opt for the Experts for Safe and Maximum Possible Recovery

Undoubtedly, Servers are the back-bone of organizations. A server can be a database server, application server or email server and stores all the precious data of the organization. That is the reason, if the server goes down even for a minute time, organization encounter huge financial or business loss.

Whether a normal server or a server with multi array RAID, NAS or SAN server, their data storage architectures are always complex. With huge volumes of important data in them, the servers become inaccessible at times. Though, organizations take measures to safe-guard their servers and the data in them, still some instance of data loss do happen.

There are a number of reasons behind the failure of a server, among which some of the prominent ones can be listed as below:

  • Failure of the RAID Controller
  • Rebuilding failure due to damaged drives or other reasons
  • Corruption to the registry configuration of the server
  • Intermittent drive failure, resulting in Server configuration corruption
  • Failure of multiple hard drives simultaneously
  • Reconfiguration of the RAID drives by mistake
  • Corruption to the files system of system files of the server system
  • Deletion of necessary files or data, while taking back-up.
  • Severe physical damage to the server media due to natural disasters like fire, flood, storm and earthquake

In any of these instances of server failure, either your valuable data in the server drives gets lost or become completely inaccessible. In normal cases of logical data loss, where the data is inside a single hard drive, you can take the help of any data recovery software to recover the data back. But, in case of servers, there is RAID in them and data has been stored across multiple disk drives, in an unknown pattern.

Server recovery process is a systematic operation, which requires skills, expertise and high end infrastructure. In fact, the physically damaged drives of a server must be treated inside specially maintained lab environment of CLASS 100 Clean Rooms. Therefore, this is strictly the job of experts and for safe recovery of your valuable data, you must opt the services of any professional server data recovery service provider.

Stellar Data Recovery has been a leading provider of server data recovery services to many big organizations in India. With skilled professionals, advanced tools, techniques and state of the art infrastructure, such as CLASS 100 Clean Room labs, Stellar ensures maximum possible data recovery from the damaged server, within minimum turnaround time.

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