Time to Put “Use Right Tool for the Right Job” into Practice

In order to perform a job inefficient manner, the right tools must be used to execute different steps of the process. Many jobs require various devices at different steps, as not each step involved in the process is similar to the ones you have already crossed or the ones that are yet to be faced. Thus, you must be ready with the required tools before you begin with the first step.

Computers often require maintenance or repairing when they come across performance issues or some hardware problem is there. In a like situation, you may unscrew the CPU on your own in order to have a check on the internals. How do you unscrew the CPU? Do you prefer using a butter knife for this? Well, no matter what tool you use to unscrew and tighten the CPU, what matters is whether you fix the issue by yourself or you will have to take it to an expert later.

Actually, the tool you use to unscrew the CPU has its own significance, as you may have heard of a saying, “Use the right tool for the right job”. I will highlight the very first step you are going to execute and recommend using the right tool, i.e. a screwdriver, as you may harm yourself with the tool you use as the substitute to a screwdriver. Moreover, using the right tool not only saves your time, but it also makes a considerable difference between the pieces of the job done. Following are some tools that play crucial roles in performing the job as mentioned above efficiently:


At the very first step you take to fix a problem encountered in your computer, you must have a screwdriver to unscrew the CPU. After that, in case you need to delve deep into the crucial components of the motherboard, you must have different types and sizes of screwdrivers. However, make sure you do not void the warranty of any of the hardware components.

Wire Stripper

Once you find the right place where you need to make fixes, you may need to strip one or more wires to connect the right components. Make sure you do it carefully since a faulty connection may cause a considerable problem when you turn on your computer.

Power Screwdrivers

Once you are done with all the steps involved in the intended task, the next steps you must proceed with is to place the all the components at their original locations inside the CPU and connect all the bus cables, switches, and then tighten all the screws correctly.

I really hate this step of the process, as it takes me very much pressure to apply on to set up the CPU as a single unit. Therefore, I prefer using a power screwdriver to finish the job instantly.

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