Professional Service Providers For Server Data Recovery

With growing business, as the organizations have gained huge customer bases, the load on the servers has severely increased. Whether a file server, email server or any application server, server of an organization stores many important data in it. With details of the employees, mail conversations or other business critical data in them it is necessary that the server must be up and running all the time. Though organizations take measures to keep their severs in good health, sometimes they fail resulting in the loss of precious data. But, these days, there are many server data recovery service providers in the market with the help of which you can easily bring back all your lost or inaccessible data from the damaged server.

With huge volumes of important data in them, servers have undoubtedly key roles in the growth and development of their organizations. Some servers are simple servers, whereas some others with multiple RAID arrays have complex data storage architecture. Actually, the complexity in storage architecture makes the instances of server failure more difficult to handle. Among many possible reasons behind server failure, below are some of the most prominent ones:

  • The RAID controller chip of the server has been damaged
  • Severe corruption in the registry configuration of the server
  • Rebuild failure
  • Simultaneous failure of multiple drives
  • Damaged server configuration because of intermittent drive failure
  • RAID array Reconfiguration
  • Corruption in the file system of the server
  • Physical damage to storage media due to fire, flood, earthquake or water

If there is any logical failure to the server, it is possible to recover the data using any data recovery software. But, when it is the case of a physical failure, you need to repair the damaged media first, and then only the data from them can be recovered.

As we have discussed that the servers have a complex internal structure, even a small mistake while dealing with the server problem can lead to permanent loss of many business critical data. This is the reason for which it is always advised to take the help of any professional server recovery service provider to recover your industry critical data safely.

Indian industries are quite fast paced and usually the servers are under great load, before the organizations could take necessary measures. Over the years, Stellar Data Recovery has analyzed various server data loss situations of the Indian industry and devised many innovative techniques to recover the lost data back. Stellar with its highly advanced server recovery tools, techniques and infrastructure ensures recovery of maximum possible data in minimum turnaround time.

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