Toshiba Rolls Out Canvio Connect External Drives to Ease File Access and Sharing

The Digital Products Division (DPD) of Toshiba America Information Systems revealed yet another innovation in their line of portable external hard drives called Canvio Connect. The Canvio Connect hard drives are set out to provide improved file sharing and data access from any mobile device anywhere. You can enjoy these benefits by simply connecting this drive to a running Internet-enabled PC or Mac.

The Canvio Connect drives are available with a storage capacity up to 2 TB in a variety of colors to choose from, i.e. black, silver, blue, red and white. The drive is attractive in its compact form factor and has an edge over other competitive products on the market owing to its unique share and access features.

You can stay connected to your digital content anytime anywhere. You can back up your valuable data directly from your mobile device to the external hard drive with minimum fuss by simply having the Toshiba Storage’s iOS or Android app. Until the system to which you have attached your Canvio Connect drive is powered on, you can enjoy unlimited access to your information from any device.

The Canvio Connect can be referred to as ‘personal cloud’ hard drive as it provides free 10 GB storage on the cloud to allow you back up your content online. The drive is easy to set up and use for backup, file sharing, and data access. This ensures you are anywhere connected to your friends and family even on the move.

Toshiba’s Canvio Connect is perfect for use on both Windows and Mac platform. It comes pre-formatted with NTFS for Windows users. It also has an NTFS driver for Mac, allows Mac user to access data, share files, and back up digital content without a hitch. The Canvio Connect will be commercially available in mid-May and is priced at a range $99 – $189.99 (depending on the storage capacity).

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