The Reasons To Celebrate World Backup Day

In the last few decades, we have created useful information and will continue to create more information/ data in future. Now think if you lose this data in a second? All the years of hard work going down the drain. Sad isn’t it!!

We take data for granted and only when the disaster strikes we understand its value. Before the advent of digital storage, we were dependent on paper. Remember we used to make copies of our ID’s, office documents, files etc. to ensure if we lost the document we have the copy of it. Same goes for digital storage when the data has stored a copy of data should be kept to ensure in case of any mishap we are safe.

It is believed that over 25% people have never created the backup of the data. Recent studies show more than 120 smartphones are lost in a minute and 29% electronic loss happen by accident. 1 in 10 desktop users suffers from virus or malware attacks.

The businesses and organizations create and hoard data daily and this data needs to be backed up on a regular basis, it is estimated that 16% of business have never recovered their lost data.

As the data increases so increase the threat to it, the growing number of malware attacks in the recent years to electronic errors to manual errors etc. All can be a potential threat to your data and you need to protect it. Hence, it becomes a prerequisite to have a regular backup option available.

Despite the efforts of digerati, storage makers and data recovery specialist, most of the people fail to take backup data. Hence to create an awareness about data backup, 31st March is celebrated as World Backup Day.

Started in the year 2011, the organization speaks about the role of data and its importance in our lives. On 6th World backup day, we present few tips to preserve your data.


By backup, we mean making copies of all the important data on multiple platforms so to ensure in case of any disaster we have the data with us. Backup works as an insurance against data loss. Backup protects you from losing business and personal information and helps to restore the information.

We assume our devices are reliable and will work till eternity, we believe is such false delusions! The fact is the devices like smartphone, tablets, laptops, desktops or portable storage devices like hard disk, SSD etc. fail eventually or we replace or upgrade them. 30% of laptops fail within few years and 20% hard disk fail within 4-5 years’ span.  In any such case, we can lose data if we do not have a regular data backup.

Data is crucial considering the effort and time we put in to create it and with regular backup, we can save money, time and effort.


An estimated 37% of the global population do not believe in backing up data and the reason being is that they are too lazy to perform this task that takes few minutes of their time.

Data backup is not only essential for the individual user, it extremely important for business organizations. The business organizations should consider data backup as the foremost step for data protection, should adhere to strict standards to ensure data backup is done by each and every employee on a regular basis, and this process with saving businesses and customers from the anguish of data loss.

Multinational organizations do understand the importance of regular backups; Medium size companies tend to save important portions of data while the small companies never have performed data backup. It is unfortunate that taking data backup does not cross in their minds.

Performing simple backup will save a lot of money, time and effort.


  • Documents
  • Contact Details
  • Emails
  • Movies/Music
  • Photographs


If you are reading about the consequences of data loss and you had a change of heart and now are keen to have a regular backup. Various options are available today and you can choose depending on your needs

  • External Hard disk drives/ Solid State drives
  • USB drives
  • Online backup

If you have not started the backup process yet then think for a minute about the photos, documents files, or videos that are important to you, and what if you lose them? You lose an important file that the boss wanted and now you may face the horrible consequences?

How saddened and helpless will you feel about it? Think about it!!

Start identifying important data and make a copy of the data. Check the world backup day website it offers great tips for back up.

Lastly, you still being lazy and have no data back, the professional data recovery services are the options available for you.


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