Toshiba Sets a New Standard for Data Security with its Latest Enterprise SSD and Mobile HDD Series

Toshiba Corporation rolled out new enterprise SAS solid state drives (SSD), mobile SATA hard disk drives (HDD), adding Self Encrypting Drive (SED) models to these two classes, and new enterprise-grade SATA SSDs having cryptographic-erase capability. All these drives will be available in a 2.5 inch form factor and are intended to enhance the security of corporate data resident on the cloud, in data centers, and in various client computing applications.

The PX02AMU series of SATA eSSDs and the PX03ANU series of SATA SSDs possess the ability to secure shred your encrypted business data. The method used for destroying data is known as ‘Cryptographic-erase’. Further, the PX02SMQ/U series of high-performance eSSD SAS models facilitates both self-encryption using Trusted Computing Group (TCG) enterprise protocol and cryptographic-erase. These storage device models will specifically target the enterprises.

The Japanese firm also unveiled its MQ01ABU***W series for the mobile computing world. The series features cryptographic-erase and self-encryption along with the TCG-Opal protocol support. The MQ01ABU***W series has proprietary Toshiba’s wipe technology to keep others from accessing your data. This allows for automatic cryptographic-erasure of information if any illicit host tries to get access to the HDD or if a fixed number of authentication attempts fail.

When companies are dealing with large data sets, it becomes imperative to think on how to secure big data environments. Toshiba’s leading storage technology now offers government-grade Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 256-bit self-encryption to prevent potential security vulnerabilities and threats lurking in the business environment. The PX02SMQ/U series SEDs have built-in support for the TCG Enterprise Security Subsystem Class (SSC) protocols to add an extra level of security.

The advanced ATA Enhanced Secure Cryptographic Erase function coupled with massive storage capabilities make PX02AMU and PX03ANU the best fit for enterprise servers and storage subsystems. In addition, the TCG-Opal SSC protocol support built into the MQ01ABU***W series HDD SEDs is undoubtedly a great choice for protecting data on mobile and desktop PCs.

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