Methods to Recover Lost Data from Transcend External Hard Drives

Summary: This blog briefs you on Transcend hard drives, data loss, as well as Methods to Recover Lost Data from Transcend External Hard Drives

Transcend is a popular brand and manufacturer of external data storage devices. It has more than 2000 products that include memory modules, solid state drives, flash drives, USBs, memory cards / SD cards, card readers, digital music players, external hard drives, and industrial-grade products to serve the purpose of data storage and every possible memory-related requirement.

Among all the products, external hard drives are its one of the most significant data storage device that comes in different storage space and can store a large amount of data easily and conveniently. They are exceedingly useful to individuals, businesses, enterprises, etc. They are categorised as External Storage and sub-categorized as Portable Storage for PC, Portable Storage for Mac, and Desktop Storage. All these come in different models and have a sleek design in addition to features such as high durability, easy usage, and easy transfer of data.

In most of the cases, these external hard drives are used as a data traveller to transfer data from one system to another. Many use them as a backup device to store all their precious data so that they can easily restore in the event of data loss from the primary device. However, what is common among them is data loss. These hard drives can suffer from data loss situations anytime and anywhere, and it can be due to several reasons.

Scenarios Leading to Data Loss from Transcend External Hard Drives

Physical damage, logical damage, accidental deletion or formatting while transferring data from one device to another are a few of the most common reasons for data loss from external drives. Just a slight negligence can land you in trouble. Then, you may wonder about the approach that you might have to take for data recovery. In such a situation, there is nothing but Transcend Hard Drive Data Recovery that you would have to look forward to. Before proceeding to recovery ways, let us have a look at the possible data loss scenarios from Transcend hard drives.

  • Attack by malicious codes such as the virus, malware, ransomware, etc.
  • Logical or physical damage in hard drives
  • Dropping of the hard drives
  • Crashing of hard drives
  • Improper ejection of the hard drives from USB ports
  • Shift Deleted files and folders
  • Damage due to water spill, fire, etc.
  • Natural calamities (rare occurrence)
  • Improper or sudden system shutdown
  • Deletion or damage of hard drives structures
  • Accidental file deletion or format during data transfer or any other task
  • Loss or corrupt critical File System Structures
  • Sudden system shutdown
  • Lost or damaged Partition Structures

Be it any of the above scenarios, to recover lost data from Transcend external hard drives is one probable thing that can overcome such instances of data loss. This is because, data is not yet permanently deleted, but is still present in it. Well, the only clause is that data should not be overwritten after the occurrence of data loss. The reason being, if it is so done, data is permanently erased and recovery becomes impossible. Therefore, you should take some measures to avoid a situation wherein recovery becomes impossible.

Precautions to Avoid Permanent Data Loss from Transcend External Hard Drives

As soon as you find or discover that you have lost data from your Transcend hard drives, you should not look for performing recovery on own. Instead, you should take certain measures that can prevent permanent loss of data. This is because recovery requires dust-free and clean environment by experts. Follow the actions that have been enlisted below:

  • Stop executing any operation on it
  • Leave it untouched
  • Avoid writing data on to it
  • Evade opening or analysing it

Data Recovery to recover lost data from Transcend Hard Drives

Here are the top ways in which you can recover lost data from Transcend hard drives:

Method 1: Restore data from backup device

– Recovering lost data from external hard drives by restoring the backup is an affordable and easy means that you can employ. However, the fact is external hard drives itself are used as backup devices and you generally do not create more than one backup to an external device. Therefore, in most of the data loss situations, this recovery method becomes trivial.


  1. Easy
  2. Affordable as it involves only the cost of backup device


  1. Backup is necessary
Method 2: Recover lost data from external hard drive recovery software

– Use of Hard drive recovery software is another technique to recover lost data from the Transcend hard drives. However, you need to have a reputed recovery software that ensures complete recovery with 100% efficiency. You can select a suitable one available online by different data recovery software manufacturers.


  1. Less or no human intervention
  2. Automated process
  3. Easy-to-execute


  1. Comes with a price
  2. Useful if data loss is only due to logical issues
Method 3: Recover lost data by external data recovery services

– Data recovery services is also a method that can be used to recover lost data from Transcend hard drives. These days, there are a number of players from which you can obtain Data Recovery Services and one of them is Stellar Data Recovery. It stands apart in providing world-class Hard Drive Data Recovery Services from the hard drive manufacturers such as Transcend, WD, Seagate, Toshiba, Lenovo etc.


  1. Can handle data loss due to both physical or logical issue in hard drives
  2. Data confidentiality and security
  3. Class 100 Clean Room Lab


  1. Sometimes, the data recovery can not be done in the fixed time period because it depends upon the condition of device and size of data.

Stellar Data Recovery Services to Recover Lost Data From Transcend Drives

From the advantages and disadvantages of different recovery methods, it’s up to you that what you choose; data recovery service, data backup method or software solution. Moreover, you should choose Stellar Data Recovery Services and there is a heap of reasons for it. It has 24+ years of experience and has recovered data from over 35000 hard drives every year with 100% confidentiality and validation. It provides a success rate of as high as 95% that is due to its CLASS 100 Clean Room amenity that ensures contaminant controlled environment with advanced temperature, humidity, and pressure. Moreover, its services are cost-effective.

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